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Forget whatever you thought about Clutch. Earth Rocker crumples up the bad categories that have miscast them for years — stoner rock, post-hardcore, metal, grunge — and leaves no question about what they are: a damn good rock and roll band. Earth Rocker is a solid, straight-up rock and roll album, exactly what the band had in mind for their tenth studio album, now that their Weathermaker Records label is fully up and running. “It might be the best Clutch album that has ever existed,” says guitarist Tim Sult. It's a concise, efficient album. That was the point, says drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. “We really tried to reign in the jam aspect of the band. We like to improvise a lot, but this album, we really wanted stuff mapped out. We wanted to go into the studio fully armed to make a really powerful record.” “I'm excited about its succinctness, and how balls-to-the-wall it is,” says frontman Neil Fallon. “The length of an LP is optimal for enjoying a body of new music, approximately 40- 45 minutes. There's something to be said about Side A and Side B. It's more cinematic, and that was the approach.” The album began taking shape when Clutch toured with Mötorhead, then Thin Lizzy. Revisiting those two favorite bands, they were able to apply their own experience as musicians to better understand the dynamics of their heroes. “The songwriting process happened around the time of those tours, so that really sank into our writing,” Sult recalls. “Maybe people expected us to go more acoustic or bluesy, but this album definitely showcases a riffs-in-your-face kind of style. These songs ended up being faster and a bit more rocking.” “Overall, we wanted the album to pick up the pace a little bit,” bassist Dan Maines explains. “Songs developing at a faster tempo led to a very straightforward songwriting approach.” That songwriting simplicity is also indirectly a result of the Basket Of Eggs EP issued two years ago with the Weathermaker re-release of Blast Tyrant. “That acoustic stuff represents a new style of writing for us,” Maines says. “It kind of forces you to strip down what you're playing. We had almost two years to spend on the writing process, and we had a lot of ideas. Having two years allowed us to trim the fat.” Clutch are passionate students of rock and roll, and music in general. Gaster's love of a good shuffle brought that rhythmic approach to nearly half the album. Professor Longhair's “Bald Head” — notably the loping style of Earl Palmer's swinging eight notes — was a direct influence on Earth Rocker. So was Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey, also a shuffle monster. “When you hear a light shuffle, or the brushwork on 'Gone Cold,' at first it can be a head- scratcher,” says Fallon. “But when you join in, you will be taken to a place you wouldn't have gone by yourself.” Fallon's reputation as a clever lyricist will likely grow once people hear Earth Rocker. His approach is similar to writing fiction. “You've got to do it convincingly. There's a bit of theater to it, in a way. The four minutes a song is being recorded or performed, I can convince myself that I'm an expert on whatever subject I'm singing about, even if I don't know exactly what it is.” “There are some tips of the hat to rock and roll history in the lyrics that I enjoy singing because they reference the album in a bigger picture. 'Rocket 88' is considered the first rock and roll song that used distortion. That lyrical reference on 'Crucial Velocity' kind of fuels Earth Rocker as a whole with that back story. It's American myth, even though it really happened.” Not everything on Earth Rocker is strictly vintage rock and roll. Maines made sure his love of the aggression and minimalism of Bad Brains and Fugazi was applied to these tracks. “The simpler the better, and I really tried to keep it streamlined and a little more focused. Whatever came to mind first was pretty much what I stuck with throughout the whole recording process. I didn't feel the need to try to over complicate the parts.” The influence of their favorite bands might have inspired Earth Rocker, but continuous growth as players also affected the album. “You wouldn't have a song like 'Earth Rocker' five years ago,” Gaster insists. “We've continued to grow on our instruments, finding our own voices. Hopefully, you hear that on the new songs.” Behind the scenes, Earth Rocker is also a result of an inordinate amount of preparation for Clutch. The album was entirely plotted out before recording even started at The Machine Shop in Belleville, NJ, with veteran producer Machine. “In the past, we would go into the studio and write,” says Fallon. “That never worked out to anyone's satisfaction. It was really important to do a lot of pre-production, knowing exactly what we would be doing when we went into the studio. It was crucial that we did all that prior to hitting record.” “It was so mapped out that we weren't even in the studio together. You had to take a lot on faith. But once you know a part inside and out, you can move on to worrying about performance. If you're trying to remember it, then you're not playing from the heart — you're playing from the brain. That always sounds stale on playback.” The Earth Rocker sessions were largely based on faith for Sult, a guitarist more attuned to riffs than solos. “I would have never expected to be playing as many solos,” he says. “On this album, they definitely had more of a direction than they usually do. It definitely took a lot more concentration, but I walked away from this album liking them more than I have on any other album.” “I just decided to trust the producer this time and not try to second guess too much. Having Machine there really helped. He's very opinionated on what it should be, as far as performance goes. He definitely pushed us in a direction we normally wouldn't go.” It was Machine's idea to replicate the flow of their live set with the running order of Earth Rocker. “He kind of made a set list of songs we do live at festivals,” Fallon explains. “He wanted to reproduce that energy in an album. He pointed things out to us, bringing us back to listening to ourselves as a fan would, to make an album that could be played beginning to end at a show, and everyone would dig it.” “There's a certain energy to our shows that we've had difficulty capturing on tape,” Maines admits. “I think this record comes closer to really capturing that energy of Clutch live. It's a very balanced album. There's no B-side material. It's an album of A-sides. That sounds pretty bold and confident, but that's the way we feel about Earth Rocker.”

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RolePoint announces results of their newest industry research

San Francisco (PRWEB UK) 6 June 2013

San Francisco-based social recruitment company, RolePoint are attracting more clients than ever before. An increasing preference for employee referral programs to help attract top quality candidates is thought to be a contributing factor. Additionally the more frequent use of online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among recruitment professionals has revitalized the use of employee referral programs as a fast and effective method of recruiting top quality candidates. RolePoint say the reason for this is that they have made the process of mapping existing employees social connections more transparent than ever before.

New research conducted by RolePoint indicates that those hired through employee referral schemes stay longer within a company than those hired through other methods. After two years, 46% were still at a company compared to just 33% hired from career websites or 22% from job boards. Despite this, referrals only make up just 6.9% of total candidates hired in the United States. However, this figure is set to grow substantially over the next couple of years as social media usage increases. Another attractive factor is that referrals are often hired much faster than traditional methods of recruitment. They are hired at a rate of 1 out of 3 applications compared to a ratio of 1 out of 18 for all other methods of recruitment.

Despite these convincing statistics of employee referral programs, RolePoint said that: Most are launched with great intentions, publicity and fanfare but after a few months, employee enthusiasm and participation weans. This need not be the case with a little careful planning. Their employee recruitment software makes managing and keeping track of employee referral programs much easier than it was in previous years. The use of social media metrics and candidate tracking make it much easier for existing employees to recommend potential candidates and post relevant job vacancies among appropriate audiences on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

RolePoint believe this trend towards using social media for recruitment purposes will continue to grow in the coming years.

About RolePoint:

Recently launched social recruiting platform RolePoint is set to revolutionize the way companies organize their staffing solutions. It has been developed as a powerful tool designed to help find talented candidates within existing employees social networks. For more information on their products and services visit: or give them a call on +1 888 571 2851 for more information on the company.

Best of Google Maps “Street View”

If anyone is interested we’re also going to discuss these images on an upcoming episode of my podcast, “Wicked Happy Fun Time”.…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

New Apps for Old Full Circle Motivation Announces its New Conference App DAX and Reviews a New Competitive Offering, Topi

(PRWEB UK) 15 April 2013

Before the conference app, meeting attendees were subjected to an armful of event agendas and speaker notes and often struggled to get to the right workshop at the right time, claims Victor Tardieu of Full Circle Motivation. And with precious little time for networking, events were a challenge when all delegates had to go on was a persons name badge and a location map on a notice board.

DAX (delegate app experience) the new mobile app for conferences changes all that its a fun way of connecting the business message and the delegate. This new leading edge tool for engaging conference attendees also provides unprecedented business intelligence to organisers. From the point of registration, conference audiences can be better and more consistently informed. Currently optimised for iPad, user interfaces can be added for all major smartphones, tablets and the traditional web.

With a range of new features, the conference app puts information and interaction directly into the delegates hands. Further, the app is a dynamic educational, communication and marketing tool providing:

City adopts FEMA's flood insurance maps: Some properties are new to flood zones

City adopts FEMA's flood insurance maps: Some properties are new to flood zones
The Planning and Zoning Board adopted new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Maps on March 5 with an effective date of March 29, 2013 as part of the city's continued participation in the National Flood Insurance …
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April 2013 Google Maps Reviews Gone
Google Maps Reviews Google has confirmed a bug in the Google Business Help forums, where the reviews left on your Google Maps listing in early April are now missing. Jade Wang from Google confirmed the issue saying Google is aware of the issue and …
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Google 'Mapathon,' Meant To 'Create Better Maps For India,' Draws Scrutiny For
NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Police in India are investigating to determine whether U.S. Internet Google Inc violated rules in a competition that asked users to add information about their local areas for its online map services after a government agency …
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Campingmole Makes Finding a Campsite So Much Easier Now!

(PRWEB UK) 29 March 2013

Campingmole are proud to announce their newly updated website for 2013. Searching for camping and touring caravan sites has been brought into the 21st Century thanks to the site’s redesign, simplification and ergonomic layout. The search screen has been reworked with location being a much stronger feature along with search results showing more detail in a small amount of screen real estate. Additional unit and facility searching with bespoke radius tweaking allow the user to pinpoint with high accuracy their ideal camping spot.

Another great new feature is the ability to create shortlists. This allows for easier campsite comparison with space for up to 5 sites on a single page allowing quicker, more informative decision making. There is even an option to contact all these campsites in one easy hit.

Campingmole have extended their databases too with updated information on campsites and attractions and venues updated and plotted on a map next to the campsite location. Hundreds of new UK attractions have been added to the database so finding things to do with the little ones is made very simple indeed.

Campingmole’s new weather forecast widget even informs would be campers of the meteorological conditions for the next 5 days too. The forecast is tailored to each campsite’s location so the forecast given is very specific to that entry.

That’s not all either. Campingmole have also added in an offers section on the homepage which helps campers stay happy with cheap equipment deals and offers. A twitter feed has been added too which keeps it’s userbase up-to-date with the latest news, competitions and campsite deals direct from the campsite owners themselves.

With so many new features packed into the site and Campingmole’s hugely expanded database, there’s only one site in town this year when it comes to finding the best campsite this season… Campingmole.

MGN Online – BuildMyOwn Application Release – With “Enabler Technology” – Is Now Available To The News Industry

Cardiff By The Sea, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2013

MGN Online, Americas number one resource for still and animated News Graphics, now has available the new BuildMyOwn Maps, Graphics & Charts Application. Television, Newspapers, Web-Radio, Web-News, Universities and hand held Web-Casts will now be provided the tools to assist them in building and archiving their own Professional Graphics.

BuildMyOwn Maps, Graphics & Charts is a web-based tool that allows users to take their own search results and build their own graphics. BMO is the latest graphic composer from MGN Online (, the premier distributor of still and animated graphics to over 600 U.S. television stations and other media outlets. The announcement of BuildMyOwn Maps, Graphics & Charts release was made today by Gill Davis, Founder and CEO of MGN Online.

For over 30 years MGN has been a provider of News Graphics to the Media industry. With our launch of BMO we enter into the current age of Enabler technology said Gill Davis. BMO is the first of many tools to come from MGN that will provide enabler applications for graphical needs.

About MGN Online

Americas premier resource for still and animated graphics, MGN Online has a wide-ranging client roster of affiliates extending across television, online and print media. MGN Online serves newscasts, webcasts, newspapers, web radio and other news and information services 24/7 through its innovative content creation, storage and distribution facilities. MGN Online is a division of Multimedia Graphic Network Inc., founded in 1982 and based in Cardiff by the Sea, California.

Google Maps Update Brings a 'Cocktail Button' to iOS

Google Maps Update Brings a 'Cocktail Button' to iOS
When it comes to iOS maps apps, Apple Maps can't compete with Google, which widened the chasm between them on Tuesday when it introduced the coolest feature of all: the cocktail button. Want a Manhattan? A frosty pint? No problem. Just click the button …
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Microsoft patent may block Google Maps in Germany
Microsoft's complaint was originally against Motorola Mobility's use of Google Maps in its Android devices, but it engaged Google as a defendant last October after Motorola executives denied knowledge of how Google's Map servers operate. Motorola …
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Google Maps Might Be Banned In Germany Over Patent Infringement
Microsoft is seeking, and now very likely to obtain, a German patent injunction against the Google Maps service, the Google Maps Android client app, and web browsers providing access to Google Maps. In order to comply with the injunction that looms …
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Zcos Public Safety Products Renamed PublicEye

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) February 27, 2013

Zco Corporations public safety products, including PolicePad, FireTab, PolicePhone and FirePhone, now come under a single, unified product name, PublicEye.

The new name better describes the vision behind our product line and eliminates brand fragmentation, according to Gary Mueller, Vice President of Business Development for the public safety products.

PublicEye is a real-time mobile intelligence platform for police, fire and emergency medical services. Using PublicEye, first responders can access critical data for optimizing emergency response operations. Some of that data has been bottled up in back-end systems but until PublicEye could never be accessed in time to help save property and lives. Other data is now available for first responders from sources never accessible before. This includes information from websites, live video and surveillance systems, and even social media.

Every first responder, using a secure link, uses their iPhone, iPad or Android device to monitor 911 calls as they occur on a real-time map and in a list, and with one touch gets complete details. Other incidents and objects, such as sex offenders residences, HazMat sites, condemned buildings, or other points of interest, can be superimposed on the map. It even helps police, fire and EMS to interoperate with each other within their own communities or with their counterparts in adjacent communities.

Along with the name change, PublicEye brings the general public into policing, firefighting and emergency medical services like never before. At a house fire, for example, a neighbor calls 911 and takes a photo (or video) and uploads it to her Twitter (or YouTube or Flickr) account. The Twitter icon appears next to the 911 icon on the responders PublicEye device. First responders and chiefs see the photo with one touch.

Public safety departments can initiate tweets and other social media postings to warn, inform and educate the community. Road closings or travel restrictions can be communicated quickly to a wide audience. Officers can take pictures of suspects right from surveillance video and send a group MMS to other officers to be on the lookout. They can even watch live surveillance video from schools and other public buildings.

When it comes to public safety, PublicEye gives police, fire and EMS departments the power to do more with less.

About Zco

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, Zco Corporation has served Fortune 20 companies to small businesses for over 20 years. Zco is one of the largest custom mobile app developers in the world. Its services include 3D animation and games, augmented reality and custom software. In addition to Zco’s work for hire, it is the developer of PublicEye, a revolutionary public safety tool. To learn more, visit