Watch A Linguist Translate Teens' Annoying Groans Into Even More Annoying

Watch A Linguist Translate Teens' Annoying Groans Into Even More Annoying
As part of an awesome article for The Week, Harbeck "translated" teen-speak–"duhhh," "auuggghhh"–into academic linguist-jargon. That sort of annoying, fed-up, you-just-don't-understand sigh? "Glottal stop, reduced mid central unrounded vowel, long …
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Beyond the talk to action: When does transparency translate to accountability?
While there has been an increasing amount of support for transparency initiatives by global resources giants, nations involved are impatient this has yet to translate to social good. Global miners are being asked to publish what they pay, but is …
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Hospital district buys language-translating kiosks
In a March interview, Executive Director John O'Hearn of Medical Center Hospital's planning and development department said the kiosks were designed to consistently translate medical terminology and treatment plans for patients who speak Spanish, …
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Advanced Discovery Announces Formation of PRISM Rapid Response Team

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2013

Advanced Discovery, an eDiscovery company, has developed a rapid response team to support clients in light of the recent implication of major Internet service providers and technology companies in a National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program called PRISM. Advanced Discovery has assembled key resources to assist their clients in navigating the internal investigations, government investigations and class actions, which have already started to be filed in various jurisdictions. The company is well equipped to immediately support staffing and electronic discovery needs arising from this matter.

Complex and confidential matters are in Advanced Discoverys DNA. The companys highly skilled team of attorneys and advanced project managers has extensive experience in eDiscovery and document review solutions related to white collar crime, reviewing phone records, reviewing for privileged communications, internal investigations and government requests.


Advanced Discovery can provide clients with the personnel and secure space necessary to conduct highly confidential and classified electronic discovery review. Advanced Discovery can assist clients with securing key personnel across the United States with a variety of skill sets:

Hard Rock Laager

Hard Rock Laager
Event on 2013-07-02 00:00:00
For more information visit or

PS: Information on those pages are in Estonian only(use web-page translators)!

at Vana-Vigala

Vana-Vigala, Estonia

Rancid w/ Transplants & The Interrupters

Rancid w/ Transplants & The Interrupters
Event on 2013-07-16 18:00:00

Supporting Acts: with guests


One of the cornerstone bands of the '90s punk revival, Rancid's unabashedly classicist sound drew heavily from the Clash's early records, echoing their left-leaning politics and fascination with ska, while adding a bit of post-hardcore crunch. While some critics dismissed Rancid as derivative, others praised their political commitment, surging energy, and undeniable way with a hook. And, regardless of critical debate over their significance, the band's strengths made them perhaps the most popular neo-punk band after Green Day and the Offspring. Their third album, 1995's …And Out Come the Wolves, made them a platinum-selling sensation and an inescapable presence on MTV and modern rock radio. While they never translated that success into an enormous blockbuster record (like the aforementioned bands who hit the mainstream first), that wasn't necessarily their ambition, choosing to stay with the independent punk label Epitaph and the creative freedom it allowed them. That decision helped them retain a large, devoted core audience as revivalist punk-pop began to slip off the mainstream's musical radar. Rancid was formed in 1991 by San Francisco Bay Area punk scenesters Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals) and Matt Freeman (bass). Lifelong friends and longtime punk fans, the two had grown up together in the small, working-class town of Albany, near Berkeley; they'd also played together in the legendary ska-punk band Operation Ivy, Armstrong as "Lint" and Freeman as Matt McCall. After Op Ivy disbanded in 1989, Armstrong and Freeman spent a few weeks in the ska-punk outfit Dance Hall Crashers, as well as Downfall; Freeman later briefly joined the hardcore band MDC. Meanwhile, Armstrong was waging a battle with alcoholism (but, fortunately, winning), and to help keep his friend occupied, Freeman suggested they escape their day jobs by forming a new band, which became Rancid. The duo added drummer Brett Reed, Armstrong's roommate and a familiar presence on the Gilman Street scene where Operation Ivy had cut their teeth. Just a couple of months later, Rancid was performing live around the area, and in 1992 they released a five-song debut EP on Lookout! Records. The EP caught the attention of Brett Gurewitz and his well-respected Epitaph label, which signed Rancid to a highly favorable contract guaranteeing them a generous amount of creative control. The band's eponymously titled, first full-length album arrived in 1993, pursuing an up-tempo, hardcore/skatepunk style with few hints of early British punk. Rancid had been seeking a second guitarist, and Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong even played live with the group at one show. They pursued Lars Frederiksen, a Bay Area resident who'd joined a later incarnation of U.K. Subs and was performing with the band Slip; Frederiksen initially declined Rancid's invitation to join, but when Slip disbanded, he quickly changed his mind and came along on Rancid's first tour. Frederiksen made his recording debut on the early-1994 EP Radio Radio Radio, a side dalliance on Fat Wreck Chords. Released later that year, Let's Go was the album that made Rancid's name in the punk underground. It marked the beginnings of their fascination with the 1977-era London punk scene, particularly the Clash, and it also provided their first widespread exposure when MTV picked up on the video for the single "Salvation." Let's Go quickly went gold, and with the breakout mainstream success of Green Day and the Offspring that year, major-label interest in Rancid quickly escalated into a full-fledged bidding war (even Madonna's Maverick imprint got in on the action). Ultimately, Rancid decided that no major could offer them the level of decision-making power that Epitaph had given them, and stayed right where they were. Rancid scored a major success with their next album, 1995's …And Out Come the Wolves, whose title was a reference to the near-predatory interest in signing the band. The Clash fetish was even more pronounced, augmented with a greater interest in the original Two-Tone ska revival the Clash had helped influence (bands like the Specials). "Ruby Soho" was a major MTV and radio hit, and "Time Bomb" and "Roots Radicals" were hits in their own right. The album went platinum and made Rancid one of the most visible punk bands around. They played the 1996 Lollapalooza Tour, and afterwards took a short break, their first since becoming a quartet. During that time, Freeman played with former X singer Exene Cervenka in Auntie Christ, while Armstrong set up the Epitaph subsidiary Hellcat; he and Frederiksen both began doing production work for other bands they hoped to spotlight. Rancid returned in 1998 with the even more ska-heavy Life Won't Wait, a guest-star-loaded affair that featured members of ska bands the Specials and Hepcat, Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, dancehall reggae star Buju Banton, and Agnostic Front vocalist Roger Miret. While it didn't cross over on the level of …And Out Come the Wolves, it demonstrated that Rancid retained a substantial fan base. For the 2000 follow-up, their second self-titled release, the group largely scrapped their ska-punk side, recording a visceral, hardcore-influenced album that blasted through 22 songs in under 40 minutes (in contrast to its two lengthy predecessors). Perhaps for that reason, Rancid received a highly positive response from the punk community. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

at Shaw Conference Hall
Clonard Road
Edmonton, Canada


Event on 2013-05-31 20:00:00
Three friends, three consumate musicians, together for one evening to celebrate the power and beauty of their decades of music making with and for some of the biggest names in the music industry. Together in the round to share the stage at PSALM with their friends and fans in an intimate night of superlative music. When Craig Bickhardt steps onto a concert stage, he comes equipped with his trusty acoustic guitar. A side musician or two will frequently join him. He’s also accompanied by something invisible, yet ever-present: the stories of a lifetime, vividly translated into words and melody. From the boisterous club scene of Philadelphia to the country-rock milieu of Los Angeles to the picking parlors of Nashville, Craig has immersed himself in the sights and sounds of American music. His music reflects a life lived as a rock band lead singer, a solo troubadour, a dedicated songwriter, a husband and father. Dreams, heartaches and hard-earned lessons have fed his creativity. There is no other way he could’ve written the eloquent, often bittersweet songs that have become his trademark. "I start a lot of songs because I feel conflicted,” he explains. “I may begin from a point of darkness, but I usually end up writing towards the light because, for me, hope is the thing worth singing about. The characters in the stories I sing aren’t heroic; they’re very ordinary. But they’re reaching for something beyond themselves, and I find nobility in that." Lizanne Knott is a beautiful talent. Soft spoken words, intelligent poetic lyrics and a voice that defies any age. A class act all the way around and beloved by her friends and fans alike. A rare artist." Tina Shafer – Artistic Director – New York Songwriter's Circle "Absolutely gorgeous music. We've rarely had as big a reaction to any artist in recent years that we've had for Lizanne Knott"Bob Harris, London BBC2 A long standing member of the Philadelphia music scene and managing partner of Grammy Award Winning MorningStar Studios, Lizanne Knott has been captivating audiences throughout the US and garnering accolades from radio listeners and peers around the globe. She has performed at some of the most prestigious listening Skip Denenberg is an all around singer/songwriter, terrific guitarist, Phillies fan, actor, recording engineer, and siedman for some international artists of considerable note (like Willie Nelson). He is well known on the Philadelphia music scene, and is a devoted husband and father of two. General Admission – .00

at PSALM – The Philadelphia Society for Art, Literature and Music
5841 Overbrook Avenue
Philadelphia, United States

Cibo Matto

Cibo Matto
Event on 2013-05-30 21:00:00

Supporting Acts: Federico Aubele

Cibo Matto

Cibo Matto (meaning crazy food in Italian) is a New York City-based band formed by two Japanese women, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori. After working together in the noise rock band Leitoh Lychee, they formed Cibo Matto in 1994. The band name is an Italian phrase that roughly translates to "Crazy Food", a twist of the name of an Italian movie from the 70's called "Sesso Matto". In 1995, Cibo Matto released a self-titled EP on El Diablo Records. The EP caught the attention of Warner Bros. Records, who signed Cibo Matto later in the year. Under Warner Bros., the duo released their first major album, "Viva! La Woman", produced by Mitchell Froom, which stayed at #1 on CMJ college chart for six weeks. Their songs featured lyrics that played with food-related ideas, including "Know Your Chicken", "Apple", and "Birthday Cake". Their single "Sugar Water" was a modest college radio and dance hit. The song was accompanied by an innovative split screen music video directed by Michel Gondry, wherein each side showed the same footage – one side going forward, and one backwards, meeting mid-song in a sort of visual/narrative palindrome. Cibo Matto made appearances on various television shows such as Oddville, Viva Variety, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Birthday Cake" was heavily featured in the videogame Jet Set Radio Future. In 1996, Cibo Matto contributed their version of the Jobim classic "Águas De Março (Waters of March)" to the AIDS benefit album "Silencio=Muerte: Red Hot + Latin", produced by the Red Hot Organization. In 1997 Cibo Matto released an EP entitled "Super Relax" which included remixes of the song "Sugar Water" (including versions by Mike D of Beastie Boys and by Cold Cut of Ninja Tune) alongside rarities and oddities such as their version of "Águas De Março" and The Rolling Stones' "Sing This All Together". Cibo Matto went on to release their second (and final) album "Stereo ? Type A" in 1999. Although it was a departure from the much-loved sound of "Viva! La Woman", "Stereo ? Type A" was well-received by fans and the music critics alike. The group continued to tour until disbanding in 2001. All of the members of Cibo Matto have gone on to release solo material and continued to collaborate with each other. Miho & Yuka announced their reunion on March 18th, 2011 when they performed as part of a benefit concert for victims of the 2011 T?hoku earthquake and tsunami. The concert, which took place on March 27th at Columbia University in New York City, also included YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND, John Zorn, Sonic Youth, and Mike Patton. Following the success of this show, Cibo Matto performed again at a second benefit on the 29th of the same month, which also featured YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND and Patti Smith Group. Lou Reed and Antony of Antony and Johnsons were surprise guests at this event.

at Littlefield
622 Degraw Street
Brooklyn, United States

Gadfly Publishing Announces Bible Bullies: How Fundamentalists Got the Good Book So Wrong

Lutz, FL (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Bible Bullies is a controversial new book that explores the nature of a special kind of bully: the kind who uses the Bible to force or coerce others into conforming to their beliefs. The book identifies fourteen personality traits of these bullies, their tactics, and how they misuse the Bible to abuse children and attack identified out-groups, including women, the LGBT community, and social programs for the disadvantaged. Six of these personality traits were previously identified in a study, commissioned after World War II by the American Jewish Committee, to try to understand the mind-set of Europeans who supported Hitlers atrocities.

Chapters discuss misogyny, sexual diversity, child abuse, intelligent design, public prayer, separation of church and state, social programs, and family planning, in the process revealing specific targets of Bible bullies and their misguided use of Scripture in their assault on their victims.

After identifying the salient traits of Bible bullies and how they attack their victims, the book discusses the bullies MOhow they operate. Not content with abusing just the victims in their own hometown, the Bible bullies seek to expand their personal power through political means, by arguing against separation of church and state and pushing for an exclusively Christian nation. The end goal, it seems, is to undermine the constitutional civil liberties guaranteed to us all.

The final chapters reveal the crucial rift in the New Testament that laid the groundwork for those seeking to distort the message of peace and love brought by Jesus.

Bible Bullies, through biblical analysis and documented research, explains many of the political issues of our times in ways that most Christians have not considered:

1. Why the Paul Ryan budget conflicts with the message of Jesus

2. Why pro-life advocates are violating freedom of religion and how they can save more unborn lives by abandoning attacks on Roe v. Wade and focusing on alternate strategies

3. Why gays, lesbians and transsexuals are born the way that God created them

4. Why using the biblical rod causes juvenile delinquency, depression, behavior disorders and hatred of authority

5. Why Congress continues to be misogynistic and why Jesus was not

6. Why civil laws differ drastically from the biblical laws of Leviticus and how Jesus pioneered the change

7. Why King James I sponsored the translation of the Bible for his own political gain, and what he and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia have in common

8. Why conflating politics with religion can be dangerous, as it was when Hitler declared Germany a Christian nation prior to WWII

9. Why the fundamentalist attack on educational institutions has contributed to the low standing of students in science in the United States in comparison with the standing of students of other nations, and what can be done about it without attacking religious beliefs

Bible Bullies will be published in both E-book and trade book formats (epub and mobi) through all online retailers as well as in all bookstores by July 4, 2013. A video book trailer and preview of portions of the book may also be viewed at, a newsletter-style Web site maintained by the authors.

Reviewers and News Outlets:

Reviewers and news outlets may contact the publisher at 1-866-611-8529 or fax request to 866-799-3496 for review copies in trade book format. The authors may also be reached directly by the media for specifics of the book through the contact link on their Web site,