Lucky Jets Announces a Strategic Partnership with Player’s Network to Serve as their Exclusive Private Jet Service Provider

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 27, 2008

Players Network (OTC Bulletin Board: PNTV.OB – News) is proud to announce a strategic partnership with LuckyJets LLC, to offer Private Jet Charters and Shared-Flight Solutions to their Casino-bound Players.

As part of an overall sponsorship and branding package, Players Network will produce and distribute original television programming featuring LuckyJets, as well as LuckyJets’ commercials to air on all Players Network’s programming platforms.

LuckyJets is creating a seamlessly perfect travel experience for VIP Players. This Door-to-Door travel experience begins with Limo transportation from the VIP’s home or office, an impeccable Private Jet experience, drop-off on the runway, Limo transportation to the Casino Door, and full-service VIP Concierge Services upon request.

Get lucky! Make your reservations today at or call: 1-888-8LUCKYJETS (888-858-2595).

About Players Network:

Players Network is a Digital Media Company that focuses on producing and distributing original content about the Las Vegas and Gaming Lifestyles for its own VOD Channels on television in more than fifteen million homes in the US over Comcast Communication, TiVoCast, Verizon, AT&T, Direct TV; on its Broadband Network at, Google, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Hulu and Blinkx; for DVD Home Video, mobile platforms, and through worldwide television distribution and syndication. Players Network has a 10-year history of providing consumers with high-quality programming about the excitement, passion, sizzle, sex-appeal, entertainment, celebrity and non-stop heart-pumping adrenaline of the Gaming and Las Vegas Lifestyles.

About LuckyJets:

LuckyJets is a Full-Service, Door-to-Door, Shared-Flight Private Jet Company, serving a specific niche in the Private Jet Industry. LuckyJets brings together passengers with similar itineraries, traveling to Casino and Resort destinations around the World. The LuckyJets team is led by Founder and CEO Reza Karamooz, a seasoned Entrepreneur and Technology Expert.

Video Search SEO Expert Gregory Markel to Speak at Pubcon

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) November 11, 2008

Founder President of Infuse Creative, Gregory Markel, will share his 13 years of search engine marketing expertise while focusing on Video Search Engine Optimization SEO and marketing strategies for Youtube video, Yahoo! video, MySpace video, StumbleUpon video, Blinkx video, Meta Caf

The Guild Season 2 to Premiere on Xbox

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 25, 2008

It was announced today that internet series “The Guild” is exclusively premiering its second season on Xbox LIVE on the newly launched Independent Video channel. “The Guild” is one of the internet’s hottest web series and attracted over 9 million viewers in its first season. Season 1 went live today and Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday November 25th, day and date in all 26 Xbox LIVE countries, reaching an audience of more than 14 million. In addition to premiering on the Independent Video channel “The Guild” Season 2 will simultaneously be available on MSN Video and Zune Marketplace.

“The Guild,” created by actress/writer Felicia Day (“House”, “Bring It On Again”) and co-produced by Day and Kim Evey (creator of web series “Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show”) is a web sitcom about a group of online gamers and how they interact online and offline. Main characters include Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) who stars as “Codex”, a struggling gaming addict, along with Jeff Lewis (“My Name Is Earl”, “According to Jim”) as “Vork” the Guildmaster, and Sandeep Parikh (creator of web series “Legend of Neil”) as Zaboo, Codex’s benevolent stalker. The first season of “The Guild” was broadcast on YouTube and quickly created a cult-like following. Production was funded with viewer donations, and the show received numerous accolades and awards in 2008, including the Yahoo! Video Awards Best Series, the YouTube Best Series Award and Best Web Series at SXSW. The popular series is written for gamers, about gamers, by a gamer.

“We’re very excited to be working with Xbox for Season 2 of The Guild. We were approached by many companies, but Xbox proved to be the perfect partner for distributing our show; helping us reach our core audience and expanding our viewership to reach new fans. Xbox has enabled us to improve the production quality of the show and release 12 widescreen episodes in HD quality on a regular schedule across the world.

We’ve also been able to maintain our grassroots spirit as Xbox gave us creative autonomy, allowing us to maintain the show’s authenticity, which is important to our fans. It’s been a fantastic experience and we are super excited to premiere season 2 on Xbox LIVE as well as on MSN Video and in the Zune marketplace. ” said show creator and star, Felicia Day.

“We are passionate about bringing the best in independent and original entertainment content to the Xbox LIVE community, and whether we are working with established talents or spotlighting new and emerging artists like Felicia Day or The Guild, we are committed to bringing the visions of innovative and unique filmmakers to our members,” said Scott Nocas, Group Product Manager for Xbox LIVE Video Programming and Original Content.

The Independent Video channel and Xbox LIVE Marketplace will also distribute some of the most popular broadband and gaming shows, including:

Christmas In Malibu’s Surfing Santa Still Hanging Ten After Twenty Years

Malibu, CA (PRWEB) December 4, 2008

This holiday season marks the twentieth anniversary of the novelty holiday hit “Christmas In Malibu,” written and produced by media veteran Joe Klein in 1988. It was a summer day over two decades ago when Klein had a musical epiphany while sitting on the beach in Malibu, California. Within a few hours that vision had spawned a song–a catchy holiday tune about a forlorn surfer who breaks his board just before Christmas and is delivered a new one on Christmas day by a surfing Santa Claus. Appropriately, Joe titled the song Christmas In Malibu.

Christmas in Malibu was recorded in the fall of 1988 at Motown studios in Hollywood. To perform the song, Joe hired a couple of surfers he found hanging out on the beach, one of whom was a young musician and singer named Karma Auger, son of the famed English keyboard player Brian Auger. Klein named the novelty act The Rad Dudes.

With no time to secure a record deal and no label to release it, Joe decided to promote Christmas In Malibu himself. He pressed up several hundred records and began calling upon all of his radio and trade magazine contacts to support the song. Nearly all of them agreed to help, and Christmas In Malibu world-premiered on top-40 radio powerhouse KIIS-FM in Los Angeles just after Thanksgiving. Within a week, the record was being played on several other L.A. stations.

Joe mailed out records to a couple hundred more top-40 stations and placed a full page ad for the song in Billboard magazine. Within days, scores of stations around the country were playing Christmas In Malibu, and it quickly became the most requested holiday tune on many of them.

Klein hired a video producer, small crew and a few models and, with nothing more than a few notes scribbled on a legal pad, shot a music video of the song in a single day in early December. The video was edited the following day and sent off to MTV. The music channel liked it and agreed to air it during the week before Christmas. With that, Klein made several more copies of the music video and sent them to other major national video outlets, which also aired the video during the 1988 holiday season. Christmas In Malibu earned the bizarre distinction as that year’s biggest holiday hit song not available in any stores. Still, Klein had accomplished a seemingly impossible task. He recorded and successfully promoted a record without any record company support.

Buoyed by the surprise success of Christmas In Malibu, Joe spent the first few months of 1989 recording additional material and enhancing the concept.. He pitched the Rad Dudes package to several major record labels. But, sadly, it was not to be. The record companies simply didn’t share the vision. Deflated, Klein disbanded The Rad Dudes, but did manufacture several thousand cassettes and promotional posters and arranged for limited distribution of the track as a cassette single for the 1989 holiday season.

The song and music video continued to receive airplay during the holidays for several years and a few thousand cassettes were sold. In 1993, Joe manufactured a couple hundred promotional CD’s of Christmas In Malibu and an additional track by The Rad Dudes, which he gave to friends as holiday gifts for the next couple of years. By the mid-nineties, however, Christmas In Malibu had quietly disappeared from the airwaves, and Klein left the music business to pursue other interests.

In 2005, Joe got back in to media production. He launched a company called The Podcast Voice Guys and began producing voice-overs for podcasts and other new media properties. Newly energized, Klein dug out the old master tape of Christmas In Malibu, converted it to digital audio and uploaded the track to the Podsafe Music Network, a new online distribution site for independent music artists. Much to his surprise, dozens of popular podcasters that had already amassed sizeable audiences in the new medium found the song on the network and featured it on their podcasts during the holidays. A decade after the song had faded into the musical sunset, Christmas In Malibu was back.

In 2006, Klein entered into a distribution deal for Christmas In Malibu with a new online music distribution service in San Francisco called IODA, which placed the track with dozens of major online retailers worldwide. Joe then uploaded the music video to YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Google Video and several other viral video sites, where it received tens of thousands of views by the end of the year. Last year, scores of mainstream radio stations joined the podcasters and began playing the offbeat holiday classic once again, while the video spread to more viral video sites and hundreds of blogs.

“The resilience of Christmas In Malibu is as inspiring as it is gratifying,” says Klein. “The song’s resurgence validates all the hard work that went into the project and speaks volumes about the timeless appeal of a good holiday song.”

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the original release of Christmas In Malibu, still enjoying its resurgence and a worldwide audience that Klein himself could never have imagined when he wrote the song. Meanwhile, Joe’s production business is thriving and The Podcast Voice Guys was renamed New Media Creative this past summer. The company’s website and blog currently features a post with the story of the holiday classic that made a bit of music history two decades ago and continues to spread holiday cheer to this day.

Meanwhile, rumors persist that Santa can still be spotted catching a few waves in Malibu on Christmas day each year before getting some badly needed rest. There have even been reports of hearing old St. Nick bellowing out his classic chant as he hangs ten. “SURF’S UP, DUDES! HO! HO! HO!”

For additional information about the song, the recording or the video, contact Joe Klein or visit the New Media Creative company website. Christmas In Malibu can be viewed on You Tube, Yahoo! Video, Google Video, Blip.TV and several other popular video sites. The audio track is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, EMusic and other major online retailers worldwide. The song is licensed for commercial airplay by ASCAP and is cleared for royalty-free play on podcasts or blogs.


Joe Klein, Founder

New Media Creative



Doctors Go Viral: vSling Video Testimonial Tool offers Doctors Access to New Channels for Acquiring Patients

Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) December 4, 2008

Smile Reminder, the nation’s leading comprehensive patient communication service, unveiled the latest in industry technology today at Javits Center in New York City. vSling – a digital tool for capturing and distributing video testimonials can be used to easily upload video patient testimonials onto popular platforms such as YouTube, Google Videos and Yahoo! Video. This new tool provides doctors with an effective business strategy for increasing new patient acquisition and search engine visibility.

vSling allows doctors from many industries (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, and eye care professionals are a few common examples) to capitalize on the emerging new media trend that has essentially refocused the way businesses cater to consumers, specifically dental patients. As the most recent addition to the Smile Reminder Platform, this patent pending technology enables a practice to capture patient video testimonials and instantly distribute them across the web’s many video sharing sites including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo! Videos, AOL Video and Truveo. A new report from Reston-based market research Comscore confirmed YouTube as the second most widely-used search engine, showing that video has become a crucial addition to any Internet marketing strategy. Demonstrations of this new technology are currently being shown at

“Most healthcare offices are driven by word-of-mouth and patient satisfaction, and vSling allows our subscribers just that,” says Jim Higgins, CEO of Smile Reminder. “By harnessing new media, Smile Reminder is able to solidify a practice’s presence and does so on a much larger and more effective scale.”

vSling is not only expected to drive new patients and revolutionize the way doctors use technology to boost their practice, but is also predicted to enhance confidence in the doctor and his/her staff. With the installation of a webcam at a practice’s front desk, patients are able to record testimonials as they come and go from their appointments. Patients are also able to access the recording tools from home and/or any place with an internet connection. Smile Reminder then automatically codes the recorded video clips with relevant search titles and words and then publishes them to the web. These testimonials are easily found by people searching for doctors in their local area.

If a potential new patient performs a search for doctors in Austin, Texas, the returned results will likely include a barrage of patient video testimonials all giving personal feedback about their experience with their doctor. The vSling tool essentially produces hundreds of commercials – broadcast free of charge across the globes largest platform.

“I can’t wait to get this new technology into my practice,” says Dr. Ron Kaminer of Long Island New York. “I love the idea of having my current patients do word-of-mouth advertising on the Internet. Personal testimonials and referrals are the most effective way I can acquire new patients.”

The features in the Smile Reminder service allow offices to streamline their daily routine and strengthen doctor/patient relationships through the following personalized features: automated appointment reminders and confirmations, cancellation notices, birthday messages, e-newsletters, e-surveys, prospect marketing and custom promotions, patient recall/recare, patient referrals and even an online portal where patients can pay bills, request new appointments, exchange secure messages as well as download photos, x-rays, and office forms.

The launch of vSling adds a new-media marketing tool that will drive new patient acquisition via the Internet.

About Smile Reminder

Smile Reminder, the pioneer in text and email messaging to patients, is the clear leader in providing patient communication and interaction solutions for health-care providers.

Smile Reminder has been recognized by national media outlets, including, Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal, while also receiving top industry accolades including Townie Choice Award for Best Desktop Application (2005, 2006 & 2007); Utah 100 Top 15; UV Entrepreneurial Forum; and the Top 20 Under 5 (2001, & 2005).

Smile Reminder’s patent-pending solution enables practices to increase revenue, streamline efficiencies and build patient loyalty. Based on purpose-driven technology, Smile Reminder equips practices with a “high-tech” solution that does not sacrifice the “high-touch” personalization when communicating with patients. Smile Reminder messaging solutions include every type of personalized patient e-communication including appointment reminders, confirmations, recare/recall, new patient referrals, birthday wishes, holiday wishes, surveys, newsletters, customized promotions and more. Smile Reminder enhances its messaging solution with, an online patient interaction suite. Patients can now interact with their provider online in a secure environment to pay bills, view patient images, send secure messages, download forms, and more.

For more information, please visit

To set up an interview and/or media inquiries, call Tyler Barnett at 323.937.1351.