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God bless RSA. MY vpn token has spent years being dragged to and from work in the bottom of my cycling bag, it disappeared last week, I found it after it had been through the washing machine in my pocket full of tissues. It still works! The god of secure network access is clearly watching me!

Technology Associates EC Becomes a Value Added Reseller of Dispersive Solutions’ Patented Cybersecurity Technology

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

Technology Associates (TAEC) is an industry leader developing enterprise solutions for the wireless telecommunication business. The Company offers Program Management, Design, Implementation, Construction and ongoing Professional Management services to the wireless telecommunication industry. All major Telecom providers have come to rely on Technology Associates as their go to provider of technical professional services and it has received numerous industry awards for excellence. The Company has offices throughout the United States in order to support its clients.

“The relationships that have been forged with our clients by the Communications Services Group are the lifeblood of our business, says Walt Oleski, President and CEO of TAEC. We are very proud of the long work history we have established with each of these valued companies.” These clients include, Verizon Wireless, the new AT&T, Verizon Business, Comcast, Sprint, T-Mobile, General Dynamics, Nokia. and Ericsson.

Robert W. Twitchell Jr., CEO of Dispersive Solutions (DSI) commented, We are excited about our partnership with a high quality company such as Technology Associates EC. We look forward to the further development of our partnership and the continued roll-out of our patented network security technology, Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN) with Spread Spectrum IP.”

Bob Twitchell and Walt Oleski, as Subject-Matter-Experts for the Department of Defense (DoD), have a previous year long association working together to address and solve critical issues for the DoD.

Bob Twitchell introduced DSI’s patented Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN) Technology. VDN is a 100% software solution that works on a company’s existing network infrastructure and devices.

DSIs Virtual Dispersive Networking (VDN), with Spread Spectrum IP, splits data traffic across multiple independent paths as it traverses the Internet, rather than sending all the data over a single path, which is presently how it is done. Consequently, if a Man-in-the Middle attack takes place on the Internet, the hacker is only getting a small piece of the document/message, rather than being able to copy all of it. Hence, the information taken is of no use to the hacker, and he has no indication how many additional paths on which the other pieces of data are traveling.

The selected paths for each piece of the data stream are random, simultaneous, and continuously changing, analogous to a spread spectrum frequency hopping radio for IP based networks. This technology makes it nearly impossible for the hacker to know what other paths are being used to transmit the remaining pieces of the file.

Besides the secure transmission of the data, additional benefits of VDN include an increase in network throughput speeds, improved quality of service, and the ability to firewall any device in the “cloud”. In addition, VDN technology prevents interruption of network operations by automatically and instantaneously identifying an attack on any network component, and isolating that device from the rest of the network. Hackers are unable to move to, or affect other devices on the network. In addition, VDN is a more secure replacement for the VPN, with faster throughput speeds than a secure VPN.

DSI serves any industry, including government, military, transportation, energy, shipping, and corporate security.

Dispersive Solutions, Inc, is led by Robert W. Twitchell Jr., CEO, and inventor of VDN technology. He has an extensive background in the wireless industry. He holds over 80 granted patents with many more non-provisional patents pending in wireless, GPS, networking, and location technology. He is also a Subject Matter Expert for the Department of Defense on Mobile and Wireless Technology.

Media Contact:

Darin C Bell

Director of Marketing & Communications



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Cloud Leveraged BYOD MDM Upgrade from AlertBoot Lowers Total Cost of Ownership, Complexity

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

BYOD mobile security company AlertBoot has upgraded its solutions, offering small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) one of the easiest and most complete answers for securing employee devices in the workplace. With over 50% of Americans using a smartphone or tablet, more and more SMBs are beginning to see the potential of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace. However, there are risks associated with BYOD, data breaches being the top threat.

In order to secure employee mobile devices, businesses of all sizes are turning to mobile device management (MDM) and security tools like AlertBoot, which combines MDM for smartphones and tablets with full disk encryption for laptops. Businesses can protect, control, and monitor all of their devices from an updated web-based console that is accessible from anywhere with internet access and is easier to use than ever.

AlertBoot’s new cloud-based security tools use FIPS-certified technology and bring many benefits, including lower total cost of ownership, lower upfront investment, free 24/7 support (including password recovery), advanced customizable reporting for compliance and audits, and the easiest and fastest method of securing personal devices in a BYOD program.

“BYOD can be a win-win tool for businesses and their employees,” observed Tim Maliyil, founder and CEO of AlertBoot. “But care must be taken to ensure that the BYOD program is successful. Security is an important but basic, foundational consideration. Businesses must consider that when BYOD doesn’t live up to its potential, it tends to be because the initial plans did not take into account pertinent considerations. For example, the MDM that was chosen may not support a sizable number of employee devices.”

Some of the basic features of the upgraded MDM include:

Device agnosticism – multiple device platforms should be supported to maximize participation in a BYOD program.
Dynamic reporting and auditing An MDM’s real power comes from the ability for backend customization.
Wi-Fi, Exchange, and VPN provisioning Ensure that only authorized users are able to join the company network.
Control device features Disable features and apps that may be problematic in the workplace.
Password policies
Remote wipe

In addition to the above, SMBs have extra advantages in the cloud-based AlertBoot Mobile Security and AlertBoot Full Disk Encryption solutions because they will always be up-to-date, ensuring that business don’t fall out of compliance because of evolving technology threats; offer massive scaling, easily accommodating business growth; provide the lowest total cost of ownership and cost transparency; and third-party verification of data integrity for audit reports and breach notifications.

AlertBoot’s secure web-based central console, used to protect and manage mobile devices, is user-friendly and allows SMBs to quickly enroll, configure, and update devices and their settings.

About AlertBoot

AlertBoot Data Security offers a cloud-based data and mobile device security service for companies of any size who want a scalable and easy-to-deploy solution. Centrally managed through a secure web based console, AlertBoot offers mobile device management, mobile antivirus, remote wipe and lock, device auditing, USB drive and hard disk encryption managed services.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, AlertBoot is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide as part of their bring your own device (BYOD) and mobile information management (MIM) strategy.

For more information on AlertBoot Mobile Security solutions, please visit

Contact Information

Media Contact:

Sang Lee

VP Communications

+1 702-659-8890 x3734

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Turkey sees spike in software to fight restrictions
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ISWests T1 Lines and Cloud Servers Trump Other Cloud Service Providers With Unique Features Enabling Customers to Grow at Their Own Pace

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

ISWest, the leading provider of non-stop Internet service, T1 Lines, Data Colocation, and Cloud Services in California, is now offering Cloud Servers starting at $ 145 a month. Unlike many other cloud service providers, ISWests cloud delivers an environment that can scale quickly and dynamically as a customers business grows.

Unlike other cloud offerings, all ISWest cloud servers are segmented on a client-by-client basis. Every ISWest cloud client is assigned their own private cloud that completely separates their traffic from other ISWest clients. In addition to a virtual network, every ISWest cloud client is assigned a dedicated virtual firewall and load balancer that can be customized to fit their individual needs. This dedicated firewall will not only protect customers cloud servers, but can also provide VPN capability to connect their office directly to their private cloud.

Typical cloud servers utilize less than 40 percent of their capability. However, customers are still forced to pay 100 percent of the cost. ISWest cloud servers allow businesses to custom tailor resources like memory, processing power, and storage in a way that fits best with their individual business needs. This in turn enables abusiness to consume cloud resources such as CPU, RAM, disk storage, networking, and bandwidth in any way that meets their needs and allows them to manage it all from a single location.

ISWest believes its simple; customers should pay for what they need and not a penny more yet have the security of knowing that when the time comes and they need more capacity that they can quickly and easily add additional virtual servers, or additional resources to existing servers.

Aside from cloud servers ISWest also offers a full array of products including T1 Lines, data colocation, and the best data center California has to offer.

ISWest has been providing exceptional products and services since 1996, and guarantees total client satisfaction. ISWest can be contacted at (877) 735-1500 or online at

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