Mozenda: The Web Data Extractor That’s Giving Companies the Edge Over Their Competition

Duluth, MN (Vocus) July 8, 2009

Up-to-date information on the market and the competition is key to the success of any business. Mozenda has made finding this information easier than ever with their convenient, easy to use web data collection software.

“Mozenda is a first of its kind technology that grabs web content and puts it into usable formats,” says COO Mark McInnis.

Mozenda allows companies to gather generic data off the web as well as target specific areas of interest, such as competitor product data gathering, price comparison and analysis, customer lead generation, supplier product data gathering, research and intelligence, news and information monitoring and RSS creation and distribution.

Mozenda is the only resource available that offers visual web content data mining. The program has helped thousands of companies to do everything from harvest leads to search out price comparisons. Mozenda also gives webmasters the resources they need to grab content from several different web sources and seamlessly blend them together.

Mozenda’s tools allow companies to harvest content from Twitter, blogs and other social media, download images and files and easily automate data collection and data publishing. is among the first to take Mozenda for a test drive. The company initially found it very difficult to locate chocolate artisans to add to their list of vendors. Using Mozenda they’ve been able to aggregate chocolatiers from around the world.

“These shops all care about one thing-making great chocolate,” states McInnis. “We’re helping them and helping people find the best chocolate in the world, and the Mozenda web crawler has been the conduit to bring the data to us.” McInnis adds, “We were amazed at the simplicity of the product.”

Using Mozenda, was able to locate and gather information on over 3,000 unique chocolate companies in a matter of minutes, all of them waiting to be contacted to have their products uploaded into the system. The company hopes to be the first chocolate distributor to network the U.S. with chocolatiers and provide customers with one day delivery like that offered by They believe Mozenda is the tool that’s going to help make it happen.

About Mozenda:

Mozenda is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that enables users of all types to easily and affordably extract and manage web data. With Mozenda, users can set up agents that routinely extract data, store data, and publish data to multiple destinations. Once information is in the Mozenda systems users can format, repurpose, and mashup the data to be used in other online/offline applications or as intelligence. All data in the Mozenda system is secure and is hosted in class A data warehouses but can be accessed over the web securely via the Mozenda Web Console. With the addition of a fully featured REST API, Companies can now seamlessly integrate their applications with the Mozenda data automation system. For more information on Mozenda web scraping software and services, please email us at sales (at) mozenda (dot) com.


The Best Six Month CD Rate Uncovered

Naperville, IL (PRWEB) October 21, 2009 recently released their weekly survey of the best bank certificates of deposit rates. The survey ranks the top ten best bank CD rates for six month CD rates, one year CD rates, two year CD rates and five year CD rates.

Today, listed the best six month CD rate at a bank not covered by most all other web sites or print publications.

The best six month CD rate available nationally, according to comes from Atlantic Coast Bank. Atlantic Coast Bank offers a six month CD rate with a yield of 2.25%. Other services that cover bank rates list Ascencia, a division of PBI Bank, as the bank leader with the highest six month term CD.

According to, Ascencia is now the second best six month CD rate falling behind the CD interest rate promoted by Atlantic Coast Bank. The spread between these two top bank CD offers is significant to bank CD investors and savers in general. Ascencia offers a rate at 1.76% while Atlantic Coast Bank offers the same term with an interest rate of 2.25%. The average for the best six month CD rates available nationally stood at only 1.68%. While the average for all bank CD rates falls well below that figure.

Only covers enough depth in bank rate analysis to uncover these hidden yields to improve the rate of return of their readers. While other services are more concerned about paid advertising, offers objective data without paid placement of bank rates and product promotions. continually provides the best coverage of bank CD rates available nationally as well as by state and region. provides bank rate data to help consumers quickly find the best bank rates to fit their needs. The bank CD rates surveyed and published include the highest California CD Rates, Texas CD rates and more. is the leading industry tool for selecting the best CD rates. achieves the goal of publishing the best rate information by searching for the highest bank rates with web crawlers, telephone surveys and local market research. The staff of provides current statistics on economics news that impacts the bank and credit markets as well as in depth articles on bank products and services.

SelectRates Media, Inc. of Naperville Illinois owns and operates along with, and SelectRates Media operates these websites to provide consumer interest rate content including bank rates, credit card rates, mortgage rates and auto loan rates to help consumers make informed personal finance choices.


Unlimited Richness Launches Article Writing Services Update, Orient and Communicate Through Rich Content

Canton, MI (PRWEB) April 28, 2010

Unlimited Richness has finally lifted off the tedious yet time consuming work of web page content writing and has brought forth an enhanced length of services for its customers. In the last couple of years it has developed further into the world of internet marketing. It has finally launched its new list of product lines. Their services in these product lines include articles writing, rewriting contents, ebook writing, press release writing, web page content writing and article video. These services are to capitalize on the growing field of online marketing that has been using internet as its biggest medium for sales.

Design and graphics of a web page is not just enough to build on its credibility. To stand the test of time and draw more and more clients into the reliable circle of the business services of a company, it needs an effective copy of its profile that would reflect its services to its client in an effective manner. This content has to be customer friendly, understandable and effective for search engine web crawlers. Overall it has to be rich in content and also optimized to rank higher for the search results. It has to convey the core message within limited time to its target audience. It also has to channelize traffic to build on the probable list of clients.

Based at 46036 Michigan Ave, Michigan, Unlimited Richness has brought forth a unique style of website content writing that is heavily relied on its expert team of professional writers whose native language is English. The team always ensures that there is proper structure and information on the given group of articles as well as each and every article is 100% error free for a proper and immediate publishing. Unlimited Richness always honors revision request provided it is emailed within 48 hours after receipt of order.

Unlimited richness is also launching a SSL encrypted communication service which would benefit their customers while putting their orders. You can place your order through payments via PayPal assistance. You can also process orders online by providing your name, address, city, state, and phone number. This information is generally used to deliver the product.

Creative content writing has evolved completely in the last couple of years. Every website enrolls professionals on its team of writers to ensure effectiveness and save time, cost and energy. These Website content writers in the team of Unlimited Richness convert the traffic into customers, thus improving the chance and giving a greater angle of exposure to a newly started business. Unlimited Richness grabs the viewer and compels him or her to visit your website again. It also charges a nominal fee for its quality services. The payment is extremely secure and the delivery is always made right on time for their clients.

For further information you can contact Unlimited Richness at

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FHS-TV :: Webcrawler #3 []

Yet another episode I edited for Spider-Man. This week Spider-Man takes a look at a FireFox add-on called StumbleUpon. First aired on October 7th, 2008. Songs :: [Opening Song] :: Breaking Benjamin – Until the End [First Song] :: TI Feat. Rihanna – Live Your Life
Video Rating: 2 / 5

New Teen Adventure Novel Tackles Internet Safety

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) April 5, 2009

In ENTER (Neeman House, 2009), there are subtle lessons on deception and entrapment, some of the unfortunate characteristics of the world wide web.

More and more teens are now plugged into the Internet, tossing their surfboards for a less vigorous type of surfing. Yet, any conscious efforts at examining the risks involved are still few and far between.

Author IJ Goldman says he wanted to make the Internet real as if the reader was actually transported inside it. “That way, it creates the impression that the Internet is occupying actual physical space, and how you have to proceed with caution just as you would anywhere in the world.”

He adds that many children and young adults often have trouble determining whether something they experience on the ‘net has an impact on reality or not.

“We live in an age in which technology has allowed the line between reality and fantasy to become blurred,” Goldman says. “It’s taking a while for the adults to sit up and take notice of this.”

In the novel, Dillon, an insatiably curious teen, and his larger-than-life Grandpa, Harley, discover a way to enter Cyberia (a country in Cyberspace) from Dillon’s computer in the real world. Among other things, they encounter:

The subjects of biographies, like Beethoven and Babe Ruth, who come alive in a virtual bookstore.
Mild-mannered giant spiders, or more accurately, web crawlers, who are always on the road searching out sites and gathering data throughout Cyberia. (“Some of our best friends are Arachnids.”)
Arthur and Shirley, a retired couple, who spend six months of the year in Boca Raton, and the other six months in Cyberia to escape the Floridian heat.
Voracious worms, viruses and Trojan Horses intent on destroying whole domains.
And last, but certainly not least, the man who purports to help fight the viruses and worms, Morton McAfnee.

Morton enlists Dillon’s help in tackling a severe security threat that is expected to destroy all of Cyberia. Now, Dillon has a PDA that he brought with him from home. PDAs are illegal for Cyberians because of their potential to control Cyberia from within. Nevertheless, Morton asks that Dillon use it to eliminate the security threat.

Dillon and his Grandpa try to help all they can. But they are not at all prepared for the shocking discovery awaiting them.

Jill Williamson of Novelteen Reviews found the book to be “delightfully creative… entertaining and fun.”

But aside from the fun, it is the underlying notions of trust and mistrust becoming blurred in an online environment, that young readers might take notice of and incorporate as they continue to build their own online presence.



Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 2, 2009

Recruiting and staffing companies are faced with increased challenges in today’s troubled economy. To find and place the “just right” candidate with their customers among the many that may be available requires that they re-double their focus on speed, efficiency and accuracy. VCG offers recruiting and staffing firms exciting new integrated tools that enable that success with version 1.4 of their Pointwing Front Office recruiting software.

Pointwing Job Publisher gives you the ability to quickly and easily post your jobs from within Pointwing to multiple free and premium job boards such as Career Builder, Monster or Dice. This is done through Pointwing’s integration with Data Frenzy, a leading provider of job board aggregation. Resumes submitted by candidates in response to your job postings are directly available in Pointwing for parsing, search and match. Your job postings and their management are handled within your Pointwing recruiting software to simplify your recruiting process and enable you to monitor job board performance and ROI.

Pointwing Resume Sourcer is also available in Pointwing through its Data Frenzy integration. This gives you the ability to submit custom Web crawler (spider) resume searches across multiple sites. All matching resumes from all sources are then retrieved, analyzed by a contextual search algorithm, ranked in order of relevance to your search criteria, and displayed in order of relevance. These searches help you quickly find those elusive passive candidates who may not respond to your job postings. From the results of these searches you can then determine which candidate resumes you wish to parse and upload into Pointwing for follow up.

Steve Taylor, President and CEO of VCG, said, “The integration of Pointwing Job Publisher and Pointwing Resume Sourcer are further evidence of the growth of Pointwing as a comprehensive recruiting and staffing tool for success. The Internet gives recruiters and staffing company’s broad access to an ocean of data. What we’ve done is enable them to leverage that access and use it or filter the data to their ends. That reduces the time and effort that recruiters have to spend finding qualified candidates and ultimately means a faster, more successful and profitable placement.”

About Pointwing