How to Check the Status of Google Penguin Link Removals Using Screaming

How to Check the Status of Google Penguin Link Removals Using Screaming
… of tools to analyze your link profile. For example, Majestic SEO, Open Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools, etc. You should download your links, flag unnatural links, and organize them by worksheet. frog-penguin-export …
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New Tools Bring Major Changes To Mobile SEO
You can still get average “mobile” (whatever that means) rankings in Google Webmaster Tools; but, if you're trying to increase your visibility in a world where consumers use multiple screens when researching and making purchases, you need a serious …
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Century-old ADL fights to change paradigms in cyberspace
Consumers, according to the book, should report hate speech to social media and Internet providers using tools made available for such protests. Providers should facilitate reporting, the book says, noting that Facebook's reporting device is obscure …
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Making Words Work: James Schramko Discusses the Benefits of Transcribing Multimedia Content for Business

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

James Schramko, chief of, makes it a point to release news updates and valuable business and marketing information in the form of videos and podcasts on a regular basisand with transcriptions made available on the page or through a link. How important, exactly, is this last step? A recent Super Fast Business news video discusses the benefits of transcribing video and audio content in terms of ensuring continued customer engagement and satisfaction in the highly competitive online business scene.

“Is it worth having your videos and audios transcribed?” Schramko poses the question at the beginning of the news video. The Internet marketing expert relates how the subject was recently explored by members of his online business coaching community Fast Web Formula. With transcription jobs currently running at a considerably costly rateabout a dollar per transcribed minute, or almost $ 60 for a one-hour presentation or conversationbusiness owners would do well to examine the value they can get from this particular website feature.

“I am committed to transcriptions, and heres why,” Schramko explains. “Beyond the obvious SEO potential of transcriptions, there are still human beings reading my blog… Not everyone wants to or can watch a video or listen to an iTunes podcast, so for the people who need to read, my blog will still deliver.”

Audio and video transcriptions also work to drive quality traffic to a company’s website. “(Providing transcriptions) makes it easy for people to consume my information, and they can get it the way they likeif they want to watch a video on YouTube, listen to a podcast on iTunes, or read it on my blog, they can,” he adds.

Aside from contributing to traffic generation and enabling site owners to target a more diverse audience, the SEO advantages of transcribed materials also cannot be overlooked. The successful entrepreneur points out how Google webmaster tools can be used to check the significance, the number of occurrences, and the different variations of keywords used in a website. Using the online tool to examine the blog as an example, Schramko highlights how the specific keyword “marketing” (and variations like market-s, market-er, etc.) clearly appears several times throughout the blog, thanks to the published transcriptions.

Schramko shares, “Im pretty sure that having that level of significance and this number of variations will help my longtail search traffic for Super Fast Business, and the results that Ive been getting for this particular website are stunning. I have seen improvements over the last 30 days, and that is just from putting out regular videos, audios and transcriptions to this site.”

As he closes the discussion, the CEO encourages customers and all web users to weigh in on the topic of transcribing audios and videos. “Please reply to this postdo you appreciate the transcriptions, or would it make no difference to you if I didnt do them anymore? Please tell me your thoughts,” he invites.

To view the news video and to access more business and marketing tips, visit today.

No, Publishership Isn't Coming Soon To Google Search To Join Authorship

No, Publishership Isn't Coming Soon To Google Search To Join Authorship
google-webmaster-tools-video-1330350240 There are expectations in some quarters that publishers will soon be able to have their logos showing up in Google in the way that authors can have their pictures appear. But, Google says there are “no plans” for …
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Make your website welcoming to foreign buyers
Use Google's free Page Speed Insights tool to identify ways to improve your load time. Pass the results on to your webmaster for implementation. And, if you want your site to load even faster for international users, ask your webmaster about using a …

Webinar: Learn About the Search Marketing Metrics That Matter
… owners and marketers should take into consideration when measuring search efforts, such as the growing power of Google+, content, and social media metrics, as well as provide an overview of tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools …
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Entrepreneurial Executive John Romano Launches John Romano Internet Consulting

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) January 02, 2013

Internet innovator and entrepreneur John Romano today announced the launch of John Romano Internet Consulting, a broad-spectrum firm specializing in Internet marketing, social media and website consulting for individuals and businesses. The firm also specializes in online reputation management, corporate training in social media, and Internet marketing and social media seminars and workshops.

Romano has been launching innovative online startups for more than 15 years. Considered a visionary by peers and clients, Romanos strength lies his ability to see the big picture, identify gaps, and employ creative solutions to get businesses on track.

Romano began his career as a freelance web developer in 1996, developing and maintaining websites with an emphasis on reliability, browser compatibility, and search engine optimization (SEO). Since the late 1990s, Romano has launched a series of successful online startups.

He is a partner and e-Business consultant for Breakaway Solutions, a full-service web development company located in Fort Lauderdale providing comprehensive marketing, PR, and advertising services to a variety of clientele. Romano manages a geographically distributed team of 20-30 web, database, and algorithm developers to provide clients with a cutting-edge web experience. He oversees all online marketing plans, ad design, opt-in email campaign development, and SEO strategies.

Romanos expertise includes fine-tuned social media skills and knowledge of Google, Bing, and Yahoo webmaster tools to increase online visibility and sales revenue.

John Romano Internet Consulting services include:

Internet Marketing, Social Media & Web Site Consulting
Romano offers one-on-one strategic advice on improving web site usability, establishing or improving social media marketing, incorporating results-driven search engine optimization (SEO), developing an online media buying strategy, and suggesting new media strategies to increase traffic, sales and brand awareness.

Online Reputation Management
Romano assesses each clients public image by examining their online footprint. Beginning with a thorough search to discover what potential customers see when they search the clients business online, Romano formulates the best approach to making sure each search ends with the highest quality information, customer reviews and media mentions. Positive search results are critical to the success of a business. Romano works with business professionals in a variety of fields to ensure their online profiles, customer reviews and media mentions are helping, not hurting their online reputation.

Corporate Training in Social Media
Romano offers a 90-day program to help companies craft and perfect their social media presence. Developed by Romano, the program ties directly into each companys existing initiatives and goals. He offers insight to help determine the most beneficial tools for achieving primary marketing and business objectives public relations and marketing campaign, a thought leadership program, research and development, customer service enhancements, recruiting, or a combination of strategies for boosting the social media presence of the individual client company.

Website Consulting for Businesses
Romano literally wrote the book on Breakaway Internet Marketing & e-Commerce and continues to assist small- to large-size businesses in finding low cost ways to enhance their web presence and increase traffic to their sites.

Internet Marketing Seminars and Workshops
Romano helps companies learn how to take advantage of Internet marketing strategies to grow their business. Romano is available for educational seminars, workshops and speaking on New Media topics.

Romanos work has been featured on MSNBC, FOX News, USA Today, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Kiplinger Report, and more.

For more information, visit, call 954-357-3669, or Email john (at) johnromano (dot) com.


SiteTrail exceeds 20 000 WHOIS domain checks per day in January – setting new trends on the web.

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2013

SiteTrail, the online website analysis platform, has seen historically high levels of WHOIS domain checks, in particularly over January 2013. This is largely due to an increase in web users who choose to verify registrar details such as domain ownership for sites they visit. With more than 20,000 searches for a single day, the website that started only 2 years ago is already rivaling the other big WHOIS giants.

SiteTrail helps users keep track of their favorite websites by providing its users analytical information about the websites of interest. It has WHOIS domain check capabilities with additional features that are not found anywhere else on the web. It is probably the different approach that SiteTrail has taken when it comes to website analysis that has earned it this number of domain checks users in the shortest amount of time.

In most cases, users visit a WHOIS website is search of domain information, they find information such as the owner’s contact address and not much more. The fact that they have shown interest in that domain name suggests that they might be interested in buying the domain name. But to be sure if that is the right domain name to buy for their new business, they want to have more information about it. Information like the amount of traffic that domain gets, the number of inbound and outbound links it has and if possible an estimation of how much money they could make out of it.

The traditional way to get more information about the domain an internet marketer is interested in is to first check the domain through a WHOIS website. The next step is to rely on another website to check the inbound and outbound links. Then again look for another website to have an estimation of the traffic it gets and so on. Those who have the money can choose to buy software that will enable them to do the research much quicker. But those softwares don’t come cheap and some of them may require a monthly subscription. With SiteTrail users get all that useful information for free. No wonder SiteTrail users stick to it and keep coming back.

This is what the editor of SiteTrail had to say about the boost in WHOIS domain checks on the website: Considering the increase in the amount of traffic the website is going through, this is a real sign that the user experience on SiteTrail is amongst the best of WHOIS domain check sites out there. users can also try out our WHAT IS MY IP service contained in the Free Webmaster Tools section

With users can be sure to get to know everything they need to know about a website, all nicely arranged on a single page. Gone are those days where one had to do multiple searches on different website just to gather bits of information. Internet marketers can now save a lot of valuable time with SiteTrail their competitors are probably already using it. It would be a shame to let them have the advantage to themselves visit SiteTrail today

SEO 101 Training | Pittsburgh PA, May 2013

SEO 101 Training | Pittsburgh PA, May 2013
Event on 2013-05-17 08:30:00

Registration for our May 2013 SEO 101 training in Pittsburgh is open. We are offering a full day of SEO training covering beginners and intermediate SEO. Learn:

  • How search engines crawl, index and rank websites
  • Why keyword research is essential for good SEO and how to do it
  • Ways to improve SEO today and design a strategy for tomorrow

There are six sessions we cover throughout the day, including:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Keyword Choice and Placement
  • Links for SEO
  • Technical SEO: Site Structure and Architecture
  • Internal Linking and Link Bait
  • Modern SEO: Search + Social

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. and the training starts at 9:00. We will provide coffee and a 1-hour lunch, as well as wireless internet access, so bring your laptop. We recommend you have access to your CMS, a Google Analytics account installed, and Google Webmasters Tools installed on your site in order to apply what you learn throughout the day.

We’ll finish the sessions by 4:00 but we’ll be around if you want to stay and ask questions, or just have us look at your site and help you.

at LunaMetrics
24 South 18th Street
Pittsburgh, United States

Google Webmaster Tools 101

Google Webmaster Tools 101

Don’t be afraid, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Despite the name of this Google service, you don’t have to be a webmaster and you don’t have to know how to …

Internet Marketing Strategies James Schramko Dishes Out Effective Tools to Monitor Search Engine Ranking in the New SuperFastBusiness Update

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) December 16, 2012

Every business that wishes to be competitive has to determine which of its offerings is attracting big profits so a better strategy can be formulated either to promote it more or improve it to further satisfy clients; online, the same principle applies. James Schramko, CEO of SuperFastBusiness and SEO expert, reveals that businesses with domains in the World Wide Web can easily track which of their business provisions are generating a lot of attention and, more importantly, profit. In his latest news update, he shares strategies for web-based business and advises website owners to hook up to both Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to see whats actually making them money.

With the Webmaster Tools and Analytics, website owners can look at the number of clicks on the links of their page, the pages that are getting indexed, and the keywords that are making them the most money. Schramko adds, If you can somehow tag a sale to a visit, you can actually see where the visit came from. These are all important data for any business that continuously seeks to redefine goals for maximum improvement.

These tools are also useful in keyword tracking. Using the Webmaster Tools, website owners just need to locate the search query and click through rates. With Analytics, on the other hand, it would at times display a message that the data is not provided; when this happens, heading to the secondary dimension of the landing page will reveal which page of the website has been getting clicks. From the data provided by these tools, it will be easy enough to determine which keywords are generating response.

Schramko also suggests developing long tail phrases to build up website traffic. He says, What you want to be doing is to keep developing those long tail keyword phrases, product names, author names, phrases like how to and reviews. They will bring the buyers and those people turn into your good traffic. Keep adding pages, you get more opportunities.

Before wrapping up the update, he also sheds light on the other available tools offered online such as Raven Tools and Ahrefs. These two do not quite meet the mark in providing the reports that website owners require and focus on; Schramko says that Ahrefs does not even report search engine ranking, which is why he highly recommends hooking up to Google Webmaster tools.

For SEO related tips and news, visit