Boost Your Nutrition With Faster, Easier Prep of Dark Leafy Greens (like Kale!)

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Leafy green vegetables, particularly the dark green variety, are a great source of vitamins, minerals and plant-based substances that can protect against heart disease, diabetes and even some forms of cancer.

Greens are the #1 food you can eat regularly to improve your health, said Jill Nussinow, MS, RD, a nutrition educator, registered dietitian and author known as The Veggie Queen. And #1 on my list is kale, which offers everything you want in a leafy green. Its an excellent source of vitamins, has a good amount of calcium for a vegetable and it supplies folate and potassium.

According to an interview with WebMD, Nussinow ranked kale as the top leafy green in terms of overall nutritional value, among those most commonly consumed. Kale is a nutritional powerhouse and comes in many varieties. However, its intricate, thick leaves and even thicker stems can take some time and technique to prepare.

To simplify and speed up the preparation of kale and other nutritious greens, Dexas introduces the Turbo Fan Salad Spinner-Dryer. The design of the Turbo Fan engine at the top of the spinner is an innovation that makes it easier and faster than ever to prepare and serve greens. Heres how:

The Turbo Fan Salad Spinner-Dryer features 100% more air intake into the spinner basket via a multi-blade fan and perimeter air intake vents. No other spinner on the market pulls in this much air to dry greens as they spin. You can actually plate the freshly rinsed greens right away with no additional drying.

The Turbo Fan Salad Spinner-Dryer is the first to be used exclusively in the sink or on a nearby towel. Thats because all rinse water is expelled, along with the moist air, through ports underneath and along the base of the outer bowl. No dirty rinse water is ever retained in the bowl, so there is no risk of it splashing back on the greens.

The spinner basket holds 5 quarts, equivalent to 10 daily vegetable servings of 2 cups of raw leafy greens. Adults should eat between 2

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Announces New hCG Diet for Fast Weight Loss Without Side Effects Associated with New FDA Approved Weight Loss Drugs

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The FDA has recently approved 2 new weight loss drugs, with another on the horizon. With all new weight loss drugs, questions concerning safety and efficacy inevitably swirl. A prescription hCG diet from hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans has over 50 years of proven weight loss. Diet Doc Weight Loss has significantly updated the original hCG diet to include more calories, better nutrition plans, and more comprehensive services, rendering it the best way to lose weight quickly and safely with little to no side effects.

Discovered over 50 years ago, prescription hCG has been offering dieters effective weight loss without dangerous side effects. Initially discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1950’s, hCG has been proven safe for nearly anyone, and has a longstanding track record of producing fast weight loss safely and effectively. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG , is naturally produced in the placenta during pregnancy to help a womans body access fat stores instead of muscle to feed and regulate development of the embryo. It is hCG’s ability to trigger fast weight loss without compromising muscle mass that has made it the most successful weight loss plan available.

The FDA recently approved a new weight loss drug, its first in 13 years called Qsymia, a combination of two separate FDA approved drugs, phentermine, which was once the “phen” part of the weight loss drug fen-phen, and topiramate, an anti-seizure medication commonly prescribed to epilepsy patients. This combination has many people questioning the safety of this new drug. According to WebMD, “Topiramate causes weight loss in several ways, including increasing feelings of fullness, making foods taste less appealing, and increasing calorie burning.” But topiramate carries with it the risk of short-term memory loss and word-finding difficulty. Even though Qsymia has been approved as a viable weight loss prescription drug, doubts inevitably remain concerning the long term effects of an anti-seizure medication on people that do not experience seizures.

Another concern users of new weight loss drugs have is whether or not these drugs will actually live up to their promise of fast weight loss. Statistics released by the FDA reveal Qsymia’s ability to aid fast weight loss in patients. The study states that “After one year of treatment with the recommended and highest daily dose of Qsymia, patients had an average weight loss of 6.7 percent and 8.9 percent, respectively, over treatment with placebo.” This amounts to an average weight loss of 7.8% in a year and .65% of body weight lost per month, or 1.9 pounds-per-month for a 300 pound person and 1.1 pounds-per-month for a 170 pound woman.

Contrastingly, a prescription hCG weight loss plan from Diet Doc promotes healthy, fast weight loss with little to no side effects. Since hCG is a hormone produced naturally in the placenta of pregnant women, hCG is natural and safe, and will not produce unnatural side effects in patients. To minimize this very risk, hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans conducts rigorous medical examinations on every patient before beginning an hGC weight loss diet. Julie Wright, CEO of Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans notes that “Diet Doc provides medically supervised patient care to people across the USA. We provide a collaborative approach to dieting, which is more labor intensive, but also more effective. We work with a team of physicians who are passionate about reducing obesity which is often the cause for many diseases and illnesses.” With an hCG diet from Diet Doc, patients receive a clinically superior, physician monitored fast weight loss program called the hCG diet that is specifically designed to fight obesity, not seizures.

An in-house survey recently conducted by Diet Doc revealed that 97% of patients on the hCG diet plan experienced fast weight loss, on average of a pound per day, without harmful side effects. This is partially attributed to the personalized weight loss diet designed by Diet Doc for each and every patient. This sophisticated doctor designed and physician managed weight loss plan also involves prescribing weight loss medication that has little to no side effects along with fast weight loss products like weight loss shakes and oils, going above and beyond a simple consultation and prescription.

Mag+ Tops 600 Apps: USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Unilever and V&A Museum Among New Digital Publishers

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

Our clients tell us what stands out with Mag+ is a designer-centric approach, says Mag+ CEO Gregg Hano. This includes the ability to easily design content thats optimized for multiple devices, from the iPad to the Kindle Fire and now the iPhone and Android Mobile. Were seeing these publishers make the most of Mag+s unequalled design flexibility to create user experiences that drive their apps to the top of the sales and circulation charts.

Among the newest of Mag+ clients are media giants and top consumer brands, adopting the solution for creative digital publishing and innovative smartphone apps.

Cigarettes Kill: E-Cigarettes Provide Less Fatal Option

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 13, 2012

Many electronic cigarette ‘devotees’ such as Oliver have held personal beliefs as to e-cigarettes having a hugely reduced risk profile when compared with smoking traditional cigarettes, ever since first using early versions of the product almost 5 years ago. It is only recently however that news of proper and meaningful medical studies are beginning to officially confirm the assumptions.

In September 2012, the American Journal of Public Health included an article titled E-Cigarette Awareness, Use, and Harm Perception in US Adults. The online study cited in the article shows that awareness and use of e-cigarettes among current and former smokers is on the rise. Over 40 percent of those taking the survey at least knew about e-cigarettes, with current smokers being the most aware. Over 11 percent of current smokers, 2 percent of former smokers, and less than 1 percent of people who have never been a smoker say they are using e-cigarettes. Of the total population that responded, just 3.4 percent currently use e-cigarettes.

Current smokers, non-Hispanic Whites, and people with at least a high school diploma are most likely to consider e-cigarettes as less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, despite their current status which bars them in the USA from being marketed as such. E-cigarette brands are not interested in attracting people who have never been smokers. Instead, they hope to get more existing smokers and former smokers to use their products. With such low percentages of e-cigarette users within those populations, they have a long way to go (though it has been speculated by industry analysts that their use may supplant traditional cigarettes within ten years).

Some smokers find that they are just unable to break the addiction to nicotine. Others enjoy the oral stimulation, and still others are concerned about potential weight gain. Nicotine quells the appetite, and often when a person quits smoking, they replace the habit by eating more. So e-cigarettes provide two advantages for those trying to quit smoking. The first is the prevention of intake of the bulk of deadly toxins (tar, carbon monoxide, etc), and the second is the circumvention of weight gain.

Often, when a person wants to quit smoking, the withdrawal symptoms can be overwhelming, and they continually backslide into smoking again, according to WebMD, these symptoms can include, but are not limited to, tobacco cravings, headache, irritability, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, fatigue, and insomnia, nausea, and increased caloric intake.

Many smokers have found that e-cigarettes offer what Oliver refers to as a “middle way,” describing his own experiences. “I had smoked for over a decade, for much of that time very heavily. I tried quitting on several occasions and using traditional NRT products including nicotine gums and a prescription drug from my doctor; none of it was able to effectively combat ingrained habits and the intense cravings, and I never managed more than 2 weeks before returning to my cigarettes.”

The on again off again cycle that thousands of smokers attempting to quit most often experience can be disheartening, and it also illustrates what is known statistically, that currently accepted stop-smoking aids succeed a notably slim margin of the time, from 7%-15% roughly depending on a number of variables.

As an advocate for electronic smoking products, Oliver, together with Tyler Bullock founded the website ‘E Cig Cabin’ together with a Facebook page ( ) with a core aim to help raise awareness and cast light on what the two see very often in media headlines, which then become commonly held un-truths and assumptions about smoking vs ‘Vaping’.

Oliver goes on to explain in his article about E Cig Safety and Health why he thinks the topic is being treated in such a black and white, polarized way in the media. It is Oliver’s position that electronic cigarettes should be approached through a philosophy and framework of “harm reduction” – a necessarily pragmatic position involving some compromise from all sides.

“The future viability of e-cigarette products are at very real stake.,” states Oliver about his concerns. “The speed at which e cigs have risen in popularity and public acceptance has been dramatic, while media headlines seem to take one of two stances; that electronic cigarettes are a scary, dangerous menace to society or the equally oversimplified glorification of the devices as an outright cure for tobacco smoking, that they are completely safe and even possibly healthy to use.”

Oliver’s new article claims that the situation calls for a middle path of open-minded communication and not polarized views that each risk hurting the chance for electronic cigarettes to be fully understood and embraced by those who can benefit from their use, namely current smokers. Find out more at:

Diet Doc Reformulates Medically Supervised hCG to Include Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamin B12 For Maximum Energy and Weight Loss

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2012

hCG Treatments / Diet Doc has reformulated their hCG solution to include a therapeutic dose of vitamin B12 for added energy and faster weight loss. The company is one of only a few companies in the U.S. to offer prescription-only hCG for weight loss. Other companies offering homeopathic hCG are not recognized by the FDA and are illegal. As stated on their website, Elisabeth Walther a pharmacist at FDA, explains that the agency does not evaluate homeopathic drug products for safety or effectiveness, and is not aware of any scientific evidence that supports homeopathy as effective. With their addition of vitamin B12 Diet Doc has created a natural and powerful formula for effective weight loss.

A coenzyme that is needed to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, vitamin B12 also assists in proper digestion and absorption of foods, and promotes normal growth. The vitamin is also used to help treat a variety of diseases and is not limited to: anemia, heart disease, diabetes, male infertility, allergies, sleep disorders and inflammatory bowel disease. According to WebMD, Vitamin B12 is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body according to many scientific reports. The use of pharmaceutical grade B12 in combination with prescription hCG allows only approved patients go on Diet Docs weight loss program. Each candidate is evaluated by a medical professional, who, if selected, will then have a completely customized diet plan created for them by a nutritionist. The patient is then monitored by doctors throughout the program with progress being tracked by a weight loss coach.

Diet Doc offers customized weight loss programs that can last anywhere from 23 to up to 60 days with an optional maintenance plan after the patient has completed their program. And, for added convenience to their growing number of clientele, they now offer weight loss meals, shakes and bars and pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements that are found to be complementary to their diet plan. According to the founder and CEO of Diet Doc, Julie Wright, they strive to offer the best and most affordable natural weight loss programs and products to their patients. She states we work hard to help each of our patients achieve their health goals by offering personalized service and unique, complementary products. Our years of trial and error have brought us the success we continue to have today and we hope to offer even more personalized natural weight loss programs in the future.

WebMD (NASDAQ:WBMD) – Is this what the doctor ordered?

WebMD has been leading the medical space for online publishers for over a decade. Today, Dana Blankenhorn joins 52 Week Low to discuss the company and it’s prospects in a advertising market that is seeing dwindling revenues associated with pharma related advertising. That said, the company is both a turnaround play or a possible saleable asset. Both of which should create more value than today’s current trading levels. visit: