Cato Research Presents at BIT’s 10th Anniversary of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology in China

Durham, NC (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Cato Research expert William Lee, Ph.D., R.A.C., Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Cato Research will present at BIT’s 10th Anniversary of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology at the Nanjing International Expo Center Jinling Convention Center (JLCC) in China.

Dr. Lee’s presentation is titled: “The Role of Contract Research Organizations in the Development of Drugs for Pharmaceutical Companies and Biotechnology Companies.”

Presentation Abstract:

As developing innovative drugs gets ever more expensive, pharmaceutical companies seek to both reduce cost and accelerate the pace of drug development. To accelerate drug development and make more efficient use of precious capital, more and more pharmaceutical companies turn to contract research organizations (CROs). CROs can reduce the overhead cost of pharmaceutical companies by eliminating their need for hiring and training expensive in-house technical drug development personnel. Instead they utilize only certain services of the CRO and only when they need these services. These services may include interactions with the FDA, monitoring clinical trials, medical writing, statistics, data management, and consulting on manufacturing and preclinical services. Besides reducing the overhead cost of pharmaceutical companies, the CROs offer the advantage of deep experience. The CRO technical staff would have worked on many projects in a particular area; this reservoir of experience in dealing with the regulatory authorities, clinical trial sites, toxicology studies and drug manufacturing prevents mistakes often seen with an inexperienced pharmaceutical company.

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