CBS’ WKBT News Anchor Responds to Viewer Email Calling Her Fat

La Crosse, Wisconsin’s CBS affiliate WKBT Local News Anchor Responds On-Air to Viewer Email Telling Her She’s Too Fat for TV. In a special four-minute comment that aired during this morning’s news broadcast news anchor/reporter Jennifer Livingston responded to a viewer who wrote in to the station to chide Livingston for not providing “a suitable example for this community’s young people, girls in particular,” by appearing on television despite being overweight. The letter had already gone viral thanks to Livingston’s husband, 6 and 10 anchor Mike Thompson, who posted it on his Facebook page, calling it “infuriating” and “sick.”
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22 thoughts on “CBS’ WKBT News Anchor Responds to Viewer Email Calling Her Fat

  1. Uh… While I agree that obese people SHOULD indeed get a start on changing their eating habits, isn’t it sort of discriminating and irresponsible to be choosing people by their body type? (Unless, well, it’s a job that requires you to be muscular or something) What if you hired someone attractive that was absolutely terrible at their job, because you decided to go by looks? All you really need is a person who knows what they’re doing, not necessarily someone who looks good.

  2. I don’t see the reason to defend this woman. Look up Breanna Bond. That little girl lost 66 pounds at 9 YEARS OLD. See, this is why the other countries make fun of us, because we make excuses for our own obesity.

  3. No that’s just women that think everything is out of order with them. Men just accept it and we don’t think about it. Come on, that’s the only way to define somebody at first glance. Im sure all people are “great” people if you looked hard enough. I dont have the time for that bull crap.

  4. I think everyone is entittled to their own opinion however, no one is perfect everyone has something they dislike about themselves. It’s sounds cliche but people shouldn’t be defined by appearance.

  5. I think the email had good intentions behind it. She and the News media just took it and blew it out of proportion. I think kids need to know the truth if they are over weight or not.

  6. Big is not beautiful. Big is not sexy. There is absolutely NOTHING attractive about women who are fat and for any man that likes fat women says a lot about his self esteem. He probably has low self esteem. I avoid fat bitches like the plague. Then, you fat bitches have the audacity to call me gay because I dont want to fuck you? HA When’s the last time you looked in the mirror? I remember this Big is Beautiful Movement started back in the early 90’s and dumb asses ACTUALLY believe it today. LMAO

  7. Shut the fuck up. It’s because of people like you that live in a god damn delusional state of mind that this country is so fucked. Somebody says something honest and it hurts your god damn feelings and her fat asses feelings. Get real. Grow some fucking nuts and stop being a little bitch. She obviously does want to be that way or her fat ass would go on a diet. So, dont tell somebody if u have nothing nice blah blah blah. You sound like a bitch to me or at least raised by one.

  8. Of obese people are acceoted then they will not be encoraged to loose weight. Im not sayong make fun of them but that letter was very politly as possible written and did have a good point. People need to be encouraged to loose weight whether its begatvly or postivly. And yes i kniw this is a long ass comment.

  9. Fatties going to fat. Anyway don’t irritate the fatties, they save lives during the zombie apocalypse. Not to mention at the current rate of adult/childhood obesity they will soon outnumber us.

  10. yet when a Black lady responded to negative responses about her hair recently she got fired from her news station and it was not this public!!! ABC sucks and CBS rocks!!!

  11. Obesity is not an eating habit many people have slow metabolisms or a genetic disorder which makes it ten times as hard for them to burn off the weight that others who are fortunate enough to burn off quickly. I am very sorry that you have been so negatively affected by stereotypes. People are people no matter what they look like its people like you that create such a negative view on people who do not fit the social norm and end up living their life in depression.

  12. She is becoming upset not because she was bothered about what the person said to her but how nice and understanding others are and proud. She is also upset at the fact that children are being affected by this every day. So therefore, she wasn’t bothered by the email but she was bothered at what is happening to young people who do not fit the social norm in todays society.

  13. obese people should be discriminated so they can change their eating habit. As a manager, I hire people based on their physical shape not skills. what would a fat person do for my business? sorry.

  14. I can’t even believe the amount of people who have negative things to say about this video. She has taken a personal experience in her life & has shared it with others to pass on a few very powerful, important messages, one being: the number on a scale is just a number, it doesn’t define who you are as a person. It doesn’t mean you’re a better person if you weight xlbs — And she’s choked up at the end because like she said, she’s grateful and overwhelmed by all the support.

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