CC05 How Are You Going To Get Your First 1,000 Customers?

CC05 How Are You Going To Get Your First 1,000 Customers?
Event on 2013-07-04 19:00:00

Filling the Sales Funnel with AIDA and ABC.

(Channels · Selling · B2B · B2C · Usability Testing)

Some products sell themselves. Most products don't.

It's easy to say that in two years you'll have 50 million users.

What's your plan for getting 50 users in the next two months?

In this class, we talk about the practicalities of reaching customers, promoting your proposition, and working through channels and leveraging social media to build your userbase efficiently and scalably.

We visit Dave McClure's Startup Metrics for Pirates and watch an excerpt from Glengarry Glen Ross. We discuss how the four Ps of marketing work offline and online.

How does distribution work in the offline world? What are the analogues online? How do web- or mobile-only businesses put themselves in front of customers? How does one close a sale?

How does one make a B2B sale, offline and online? What is an LOI, an SLA, a revenue or profit share agreement? We share basic contracts that can be adapted to almost any need.

How does one sell to consumers, offline, and online? What payment gateways are easiest to set up?

We briefly explore social marketing channels, where word of mouth and viral marketing are essential elements of any growth strategy. We introduce the notion of 1,000 true fans.

We demystify terms like CPM, CPC, CAC, CTR, and CLV. We set the stage for learning more about online advertising and online marketing in the next class.5.1 Readings and Resources




What is the JFDI Core Curriculum Program?

The Core Curriculum teaches how to build a Lean Startup the JFDI way! Designed for first-time founders and JFDI-funded teams, this course is a guided tour of high-tech entrepreneurship. We teach the language of business so you can pitch to investors with confidence. Learn from others' mistakes and pick up Silicon Valley best practices so you can get it right the first time!

Courses are taught by the same JFDI mentors who have helped JFDI investees raise .9M in funding to date. Core Curriculum seminars combine short lectures with interactive problem-solving and experiential workshops. Together, they add up to a sort of Executive MBA for Entrepreneurs.

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