CEO of Rapid Recovery Solution, a Voice among Commercial Collection Agencies, Offers Insight into Detroits Bankruptcy Hearing

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. continues to monitor the status of Detroits debt as its assessed in Federal Court.

According to an October 23 article from Yahoo! Finance titled Court to Decide if Detroit Really Is Broke, Judge Steven Rhodes began his examination of the citys finances.Over the next few days, representation from retirees, pension funds and unions will square off against Detroits legal team to argue the legitimacy of a Chapter 9 filing on July 18.

Under investigation is over $ 9 billion in outstanding liabilities from retirement benefits, including $ 5.7 in healthcare obligations and another $ 3.5 billion in pensions, according to Yahoo! Finance. The city claims these expenses are at the heart of its bankruptcy filing and account for over half of its $ 18 billion in total debt. The opposition claims Detroits refusal to pay these obligations is illegitimate and cites clauses in Michigans constitution that protects against pensions being withheld.

Speaking on behalf of commercial collection agencies, John Monderine of Rapid Recovery Solution weighs in. Detroits attempt at debt forgiveness through Chapter 9 bankruptcy is unprecedented in American politics and finance. Its sure to set precedents for future litigation involving municipal debt. Monderine continues. Unlike consumer or commercial debt, these obligations are assumed protected under state law. If the judge upholds this bankruptcy filing, it may potentially diminish the security of municipal benefits across the country.”

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