CEO Space South Florida – April 9 Business Growth, Marketing & Networking

CEO Space South Florida – April 9 Business Growth, Marketing & Networking
Event on 2014-04-09 18:00:00

WHO: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, EXECs, MGRs or Start-ups

WHAT: High Level Networking plus Topics on Business Growth, Marketing, Funding.

WHEN: April 9 (Wed), 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

WHERE: The Rand Business Center (Rand Marketing), 2901 W Cypress Creek Rd, Suite 125, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 (enter through the West Side Entrance)

HOW MUCH: No Cost (but Priceless)

PARKING: No cost parking

What the Evening Brings: 

  • Internet Marketing Talk “10 Online Marketing Methods Most Businesses Have Never Heard Of or Don't Do and Why You Should Consider Using Them”
  • Sales and Closing Talk “The Whole Brain Approach to Sales and Closing Communication”
  • PLUS: High Powered Networking – CEO Space Style
  • AND: Individual Coaching and Mentoring



Internet Marketing Talk:

Beyond the obvious online marketing methods of SEO, PPC and standard email marketing lies a host of additional ways to reach your target audience and yield a positive ROI. Some of the tactics covered in this talk are very new, some are not, but all tend to be little known or used by the majority of businesses. Not because these methods are ineffective or difficult to implement, but because many business owners are simply too busy to even find out about them let alone understand what these methods' true potential is for generating leads and sales cost effectively.

Attend and learn the what, why and how of these overlooked or unknown Internet marketing tactics that can readily be implemented by your business quickly and often for little to no investment.

Sales and Closing Talk:

Bill Stierle explains how you can be more effective with prospective and current clients, vendors, employees and your other most important relationships. Of course, selling doesn't mean trying to get someone to do something just for you, or for you to do something TO them. Selling is effectively communicating the value each party receives to a point where an agreement is reached to serve each other. This "sales" communication happens not only with new prospects in business, but with everyone in our life, from business vendors and employees to our personal relationships.

Attend and learn Bill's "Whole Brain Approach" to make "selling" more effortless and a win-win for all to grow  your business and improve your life.


About Bill Stierle

Bill uses the sciences of how thinking and applies actionable tools you can use to create thought-provoking strategies that make real sense and align all parties. In just minutes you’ll gain insights to communication you may never have known. Bill is a leader in thinking, behavior and beliefs as they apply to personal and corporate performance. His work is used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and many organizations around the world. He is the founder of Corporate Culture Development and has successful training programs that increase productivity and individual effectiveness. This is a Don’t Miss event. You’ll have fun and take home real valuable insights that you can apply immediately.



Acknowledged as one of the Top 10 entrepreneurial events by; Forbes, Contributor: John Hall. CEO Space is a decades-old private membership organization with over 100,000 paid members where business owners meet business owners to advance their skills and share access to resources from education to capital in a cooperative way.

Through a combination of conferences, networking events and trade shows, CEO Space’s goal is to help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Executives achieve their goals more quickly through high-powered – high level networking opportunities and coaching. CEO Space mentors include names such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown and John Gray, Bob Proctor, Eric Lofholm and Lisa Nichols just to name a few. Tony Robbins has attended the CEO Space conference with his executive management team. Learn what cooperative, collaborative capitalism can do for you!

CEO Space's next Business Growth Conference is March 25-28 with bonus classes and events, both earlier and after. For more details about CEO Space or the Business Growth Conferences go to or check out YouTube – search: CEO Space International – and of course – we have our own Channel too!

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To Learn More About CEO Space (you cannot RSVP for this event there, it just provides more information about the organization. RSVP here on EventBrite) Visit:

at Rand Business Center
2901 W Cypress Creek Rd
Fort Lauderdale, United States

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