Ceres Ventures, Inc. Announces Plans to Accelerate Commercialization of its Proprietary BluFlow Water Treatment Technology

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 16, 2012

Ceres Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: CEVE) (the Company), a development stage company currently engaged in identifying, acquiring and developing a comprehensive portfolio of technologies relating to clean resources technologies, announced today plans to advance its efforts to commercialize the Companys novel advanced water and wastewater purification and treatment system (the BluFlow Water Treatment System), a first-of-its-kind water purification solution that incorporates the Companys proprietary, patent-pending nanotechnology and advanced ultra-purification technology to economically produce clean water.

While conventional water, wastewater, and gray water treatment technologies utilize multiple systems and reverse osmosis processes to treat or recover water, only approximately 60% of the water that flows through the treatment systems and reverse osmosis processes is recovered for reuse. In addition, many of these processes tend to have associated high energy, operations and maintenance costs. The BluFlow Water Treatment System is a unique single integrated system that simultaneously removes specific targeted chemicals/pollutants or valuable elements or compounds at very high efficiencies from contaminated water while purifying up to 95% of treated water while incurring lower energy, operating and maintenance costs, when compared to conventional water treatment systems.

The Companys patent pending BluFlow Water Treatment System features customizable nanoparticles specifically formulated to target and remove specific contaminates, pollutants, or valuable elements or compounds based upon the attributes of the water being treated. Unlike conventional wastewater treatment technologies that simply reduce the concentration of contaminants in water, the specialized nanoparticles used by the BluFlow Water Treatment System allow the system to target and remove specific elements or compounds from the water.

The BluFlow Water Treatment System provides industrial water users with a cost-effective solution to treat water while minimizing the use of freshwater resources in the industrial process. Its unique capability to target and remove specific valuable elements and compounds while lowering energy costs, water usage, maintenance costs, and downtime translates into lower production costs and higher profit margins for producers of natural chemicals for food, cosmetics, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, in the United States 75% of the electricity generated is produced by thermoelectric power plants that use 201 billion gallons of water that is withdrawn daily for cooling purposes from our rivers, lakes, stream, and aquifers. For these power plants, the BluFlow Water Treatment System provides substantial energy savings and cost savings while reducing the freshwater usage impact on the environment.

The BluFlow Water Treatment System is an extraordinary treatment and purification system that can be utilized on a cross-platform basis and provides an opportunity for significant environmental, operational, and economic benefits to its end users, explained Meetesh Patel, the Companys President and Chief Executive Officer.

In the upcoming months, we anticipate taking significant efforts to accelerate the development and eventual commercialization of our BluFlow Water Treatment System. Our priorities include obtaining additional financing to accelerate our commercialization efforts, the development of additional patent protection, improved manufacturability, completion of feasibility studies for performance and field testing evaluation, and the acquisition of strategic management-level talent to help advance our technology from research and development to the commercial market, concluded Mr. Patel.

Specific initiatives related to the development of the BluFlow Water Treatment System that are planned to take place in the upcoming months include:

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