Certified Home Inspections Announces That They Are Inspecting Short Sales and Foreclosures

West Islip, New York (PRWEB) June 05, 2013

For most people a home is one of the biggest investments. Buying home is an exciting time in peoples lives. Before they buy (or sell) a house, they need an expert opinion on the condition of a house: are there any major repairs needed or is the house in good shape? A clear and thorough inspection process ensures that home buyers have a detailed knowledge of every aspect of a given home before they buy it. Certified Home Inspections agency, based in Long Island, New York, helps local customers make informed and important decision about a home they wish to buy.

A professional and detailed assessment is an important first step in the home buying process. Having a trusted and experienced third partys perspective helps customers to look at a property objectively. Certified Inspections provides detailed analysis and condition of foundation, roof, gutters, crawl space, basement, vents, plumbing and heating.

Today, the agency is announcing adding inspection of short sale and foreclosed homes to their list of services. We are proud to extend our services to foreclosed homes. These inspections are challenging as there may be many hidden defects and damage, says companys owner.

Short sales and foreclosures are unpleasant situations that arise when the homeowner is not able to pay the mortgage. Because they have to sell their house unwillingly, they dont have the motivation to do the regular maintenance or even necessary repairs. Foreclosure properties may have been vacant for weeks, months or years before purchase and they may have deep problems that arise from neglect such as filth, leaks, mold, and termites. These homes are often sold at discounted prices, but need major overhauling which can be expensive.

At Certified Home Inspections, our goal is to educate buyers. Short sales and foreclosures can be trickier than traditional home purchases. Inspection of these houses has to be done with extra care and attention. We tell buyers not to skip inspection of a foreclosed home. Ask questions during inspection. We will provide detailed evaluation report which will help you figure out the renovation costs.

On his new website, Dominick Esposito offers information on the value of a quality home inspection. For more information, call: (631) 921-6602 or (718) 841-7285 or email certifiedhomeinspectionsny(at)yahoo(dot)com, website http://www.certifiedhomeinspectionsny.com

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