CES: Justin Bieber with dancing robot

Justin Bieber unveils TOSY Robotics’ state-of-the-art speaker which doubles up as a dancing robot at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. . Report by Mark Morris. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com Are you a Belieber? Check out our Justin Bieber playlist! www.youtube.com Subscribe to The Showbiz 411! www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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13 Responses to CES: Justin Bieber with dancing robot

  1. TheMrmovies1997 says:

    The DAMM robot dances better than beiber

  2. JustinBieberFanx16x says:

    mmm he’s so sexy he turns me on♥ He’s so gorgeous♥

  3. scionfan123 says:

    im no odiado por millones en todo el mundo to puta estupida (im not hated by millions worldwide you stupid whore)

  4. emorby09 says:

    That robot looks rubbish. I’d much rather have a normal stereo, then a dancing robot! in fact it’s not even dancing.

  5. hearification says:

    ڿڰۣ-இ Justin Bieber is a God! இڿڰۣ

  6. hartz2z says:

    i wanna know this robot.. not bieber

  7. Barby Parafer says:

    tu mereces morir.

  8. scionfan123 says:

    Justin deserves to die

  9. far0cry0freak says:

    Does anybody know The Name of this blonde Girl ?????

  10. far0cry0freak says:

    @pom2xismeme xD

  11. CaseyLovesBieber says:

    it’s so cute how focused he was on the robot! the Bieber hair flip is back a lil’ ! HOT <33

  12. punknsmasher14 says:

    how is he a faggot?

  13. punknsmasher14 says:

    He;s wearing a sick jacket… i want it!

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