CGR Undertow – SUPER ROBOT TAISEN EX review for Super Famicom

Super Robot Taisen EX review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Super Robot Taisen EX for Super Famicom developed by Winkysoft and publishe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 Responses to CGR Undertow – SUPER ROBOT TAISEN EX review for Super Famicom

  1. BaoZakeruga says:

    Didn’t expect to see a SRW game. You guys get cool points.


    i dought if any of this japanese shit is better than 2000ad though.


    looks to weeaboo for me but hey to be fair they did have transformers and i think maybe abc warriors but not sure

  4. BlistienZepp says:

    It’s about time you reviewed a SRW game, TJ!

  5. Nathan Ovsak says:

    The only mecha games I could get into were the Zone of the Enders games and even there the plot is very confusing.

  6. mekdra says:

    si el mismo XD

  7. MESIAS da Rocket says:

    I hope someone send you any of the PS1 or PS2 games (the Alpha and Z series), which are some of the best from the franchise.

  8. PkmnMegahero says:

    Well, Operation Hotblood is fighting for the localization of the PS3 SRW OG games. Personally, I’m already planning on importing them but I’d would definitely buy them if they ever get localized, so go Operation Hotblood :D!

  9. PkmnMegahero says:


  10. Zuggaron says:

    Aun mejor si hace el de ps3, ojala mas gente fuera de japon supiera de estos juegos para que puedan localizar los SRW OG…

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