Cha Cha session

A video of one of my sessions as a guide for ChaCha. Want to work for ChaCha? Got to click on get started. Please use my email address as your referral mikebobojr@ya…

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5 Responses to Cha Cha session

  1. Parstices says:

    Dude you used an answer from a year ago to answer his question about the meteor shower. Don’t be lazy..

  2. rkelaz says:

    How do you become a generalist/specialist?

  3. akitter92 says:

    The test is difficult, but only if you don’t use a referral email. When registering just use this email as a referral: “”. It increases your chances of passing significantly trust me!

  4. EsotericOccultist says:

    Hey all if you need any help becoming a guide or being a guide, send me a message and I’ll definitely help you out!

  5. akitter92 says:

    is the guide test hard?

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