Chad Lieberman Teaches Social Networking and SEO

New York, New York (PRWEB) November 15, 2014

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are important for more than just connecting with family members, friends and business associates living all over the world.

These were Chad Liebermans opening remarks during his lesson on the importance of social networking to s businesss SEO strategy. You may imagine that social networks have nothing to do with your business professional networks and have therefore done everything including implementing on-page SEO, he asserted, but any SEO agency would give a very different report if you were to consult.

Mr. Lieberman explained that while SEO began as a focused website optimization strategy, growth has pushed it into something far bigger. High search engine rankings now depend on offsite SEO strategies even more, making high quality back linking essential rather than optional for the businesses seeking to succeed.

He recommended that businesses employ all available avenues in SEO, and that includes raising the social network profiles, which has the biggest impact of them all. The more people that visit your site and share your content on social media, the more likely search engines are to give you a good ranking, Chad revealed, adding that pages shared consistently on social sites could strongly impact how top search engines view a website.

Other options available, according to Mr. Lieberman, are valuable in themselves as they are focused on the human viewers rather than search engine crawlers. He stated that a businesss SEO strategy must include high quality content, giving human viewers something worth sharing, because that is the only way to get them to share what you post in their personal network accounts. Give lots of useful information for your audience to revel in.

He explained that this is the reason search engines have greater reliance on social networking shares, and why any SEO agency worth its salt will spend time building its clients profiles and likeability on social networks. Offer something of value, and provide for your audience to share your pages in order to raise your ratings, Mr. Lieberman concluded.

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