Change Your Approach to Online Marketing

Change Your Approach to Online Marketing
Event on 2013-10-11 10:00:00

This class for REALTORS teaches how to create a highly effective online marketing strategy

"Other classes showed me 'how' to do social media marketing but never explained 'why', .. and how to make this work with everything else I do"

This class will "join the dots" and help you understand "WHY", as well as "HOW" to select the correct marketing solutions and technology for YOUR unique needs  that will make you MORE effective at marketing but actually take much LESS time!

  • Do you actually need Facebook? or Blogging or Twitter?
  • How do these work with your website or with your personal style?
  • How can you build effective business / marketing processes?
  • Is it possible to do a better job of marketing in less time?

"Best presentation I've seen yet on the whole process of how to make the technology work in my world of real estate!"Schedule:

See available tickets for schedule (above)Suitable for:

All Broker Associates, Managing Brokers and Teams

Prior Knowledge Required: None

Cost: $ Free

The way REALTORS® do business has changed. Over 90% of home buyers are using the internet to find their next home with over 1 in 3 finding the home they purchased online. 
If you aren't getting at least 30% of your business from the internet, you’re missing out!

We will present practical ideas that will save you time and can be implemented immediately.

  • Learn how to effortlessly blend social media with your overall marketing mix
  • Learn how to improve your online presence and differentiate your services
  • Learn how to leverage appropriate social media to generate traffic and leads
  • Quickly increase traffic to your website using no/low-cost marketing ideas
  • Convert more leads into closings – more efficiently
  • Find out how to identify consumers that are closer to buying
  • See how to automatically manage and incubate leads so you can close more
  • Solve your online Marketing Problems by understanding which technologies can help improve your Internet Marketing Process

Attend this insightful 90 minute session hosted by Craig Joynt of Blue Fire Group, to learn about valuable marketing tools, tactics and technologies that will help you get ahead of the changing market.

"I knew I had to do these things but was looking for the answer to do this economically this class was it" – Thanks!

"Great marketing information and tid-bits I have now come full circle" – Trish Rayner

"Streamlined class with great process behind it –  great class guys" – Jeff Cramer

at Nova Home Loans
24 South Weber Street
Colorado Springs, United States

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