Chango Works with Twitter to Bring Powerful New Targeting Capabilities to Marketers

New York (PRWEB) December 05, 2013

Chango (, a programmatic advertising platform built for marketers, announced today they have partnered with Twitter to provide marketers with new and powerful targeting options using tailored audiences.”

Twitter’s tailored audiences allows marketers to work with ad partners such as Chango to define specific audiences outside of Twitter and then connect with them on Twitter. This is latest integration for the Chango platform, which connects the dots between data and media for programmatic advertising.

Using Changos database of hundreds of millions of individuals updated in real-time with behavioral, intent and search data Chango helps marketers segment and target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to custom tailored audiences.

For example, an auto manufacturer may want to start a Twitter conversation with anyone that has recently searched for car reviews on Google, or is researching specific brands of cars. Chango can identify this audience using the billions of searches taking place on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Once a tailored audience has been built, it is made available within the Twitter ad platform.

A marketer is also able to effectively retarget an individual with a Promoted Tweet or Promoted Account. A retailer may want to deliver a message to any individual that recently completed a purchase asking them for feedback and perhaps to share their story of unboxing the product with their followers. This strategy is particularly useful for marketers that want to engage and amplify a conversation with their most loyal customers.

Chango was one of three ad partners selected by Twitter this past July to beta-test tailored audiences. During that period, some advertisers saw a lift in engagement as high as 170% by segmenting and optimizing their audience, wherever they may be.

Twitter has quickly become the real-time voice of the planet, said Chris Sukornyk, founder and CEO of Chango. These new targeting capabilities, combined with our background in real-time advertising and our vast quantities of data, greatly augments the ability of marketers to engage very specific audiences wherever they may be.”

To find out more about Twitters tailored audiences, download Changos latest handbook: “What Twitters New Targeting Capabilities Mean For Marketers,” (

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Chango is a programmatic advertising platform that connects marketers with their exact target audience across all devices and the real-time web. Our unique live-profile technology makes the right data available in the split-second time necessary to help clients efficiently acquire new customers, retarget site visitors or build brand awareness. We connect marketers with results in real-time across Video, Mobile, Social and Display. Chango has more than a 90% client retention rate from Fortune 500 brands like eBay, LEGO and Bloomingdales. To find out more, visit

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