Channel the south of France at South Beach's WD 555

Channel the south of France at South Beach's WD 555
WD 555 might sound like the name of a Star Wars robot, but it's actually a welcoming wine shop and bistro off the beaten track on South Beach. Sit at a wine-barrel table in the industrial-chic warehouse space or on the shaded patio, where a garden is …

How to Host a Dinner Party reveals the secrets of the Star's serial host
The shame of the human race is that we can put a robot on Mars, yet we can't figure out how to host a dinner party. But really, it's as easy when we take it …. ask them about their food restrictions. You'll need this information before you start …
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The job continues for Dallas firefighters mourning colleague
Eight hours before the 2:50 a.m. fire, it was Wilson's turn to cook — sliced roast beef, salad, mashed potatoes, summer rolls and brownies were on the menu. “He made it all, said Lt. Ryan Truelove, clenching his fist and fighting back tears …
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