Charles Gordon interview (Inside the mind of self-made millionaire)

Charles Gordon interview (Inside the mind of self-made millionaire)

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20 thoughts on “Charles Gordon interview (Inside the mind of self-made millionaire)

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  4. It is better to learn from billionaires, they teach more than you think. Warren Buffet is a good one to learn from. Look up his interviews with Jay-Z, watch his body language, when Jay-Z is talking. Oprah also is a good one to learn from, she has really tried to help a lot of dumb black millionaires. 50 cents also gets it, the thorn in his side is that big ass house he purchased from Mike Tyson. Other black people that get it, George Foreman, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Nick Cannon.

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  6. @Thetruth966: You seem jealous, broke, and angry…im sure youre not making the kind of money he’s making, or you wouldnt be watchin him on youtube. HATER

  7. I apologize, guy, but what does it matter how he “appears” to you? If this short video manages to inspire just one person to transcend the normalcy of their own life, and push them to do what they otherwise would have never done…then he’s already done more than enough. Sure…you can get this ALL information from business/management/self-help books…but this video is free, and sparks an interest to delve deeper and do more. But, you seem to know him personally so…nevermind.

  8. Has he paid his taxes??? All this man has done is read a few books and re-word it to make him sound like he is some kind of great ‘black’ man. Hmmm… He appears fake, smug and a bit of a prat

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