Charlotte SEO Company Possible Web, Inc. Launches Crush Local SEO, an Affordable Online Service for Local Businesses

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) December 30, 2014

Possible Web, Inc., a Charlotte based digital marketing company, recently launched a new online Local SEO service called Crush Local. Touted as a top option for local businesses, Crush Local provides an instant portfolio of professionally managed digital assets for any local business.

Managing digital assets has always been the mission of Possible Web, a 3 year old corporation founded by SEO expert, Patrick Scully. Businesses keep immaculate records and tight control of assets across the board; however most fail to realize the true value and potential of digital assets, often forgoing the millions of daily revenue opportunities presented by utilizing multiple platforms and technologies correctly.

The combination of human skill and intense computer analytical technology is a cornerstone of Possible Webs service offerings, and Crush Local is no different. Any local business, in any category, can instantly acquire over 300 premium digital assets, or Digital Real Estate, as the company describes it, and have those property managed, optimized and monitored by some of the top Local marketing experts in the business.

When discussing the near future of local marketing online Scully remarks, Local marketing in 2015 will be making your business available to any searching customer, anytime and anywhere. While Google will still drive the majority of search engine traffic, the number of customers using apps, maps and local reviews will continue to increase rapidly. Focusing solely on Google SEO is no longer an option.

While local search platforms are certainly growing past just Google Maps, utilizing the Crush Local SEO service, the company admits will in effect boost any local business Google rankings. At a price point of just $ 99/mo, the company hopes to support the local marketing efforts of businesses across the United States.

Possible Web Inc. is a digital marketing and media company headquartered in Charlotte. Founded by Charlotte SEO expert Patrick Scully in 2011, the company continues to grow and develop new marketing technologies for small to mid-sized businesses. The company also focuses on developing new applications and technologies for digital security, advertising and asset delivery.

Crush Local SEO is a online service offering developed by the SEO experts at Possible Web, and an affordable Local marketing service for businesses across the United States.

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