Chart of the Week: The world's most popular web sites

Chart of the Week: The world's most popular web sites
Search engines and social networks rule the online world pretty much everywhere you look. But while Google and Facebook dominate in most of the world, several countries — notably China, Russia and their neighbors — have resisted their hegemony.
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Why Pinterest is likely the Web's most popular trip-planning site
We knew that travelers and travel companies have taken to Pinterest, but to the tune of 660 million pins? Yes, in its trademark lawsuit against flight search startup Pintrips, Pinterest reveals that there are 660 million pins in its travel category …

It's the tale of internet domination, told through an old timey map
… digits aren't nearly as impressive as seeing them represented in a visual masterpiece … which is exactly what Oxford Internet Institute researchers Stefano De Sabbata and Dr. Mark Graham did with a map they created illustrating the most visited …
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