Chaska Public Relations Offers Most Effective PR Campaign for Small Businesses on a Strict Budget

(PRWEB) April 14, 2005

If your small business or non-profit organization has landed in the rough, maybe it’s time to give Chaska Public Relations a try. This small-but-powerful, California-based public relations agency offers a fresh perspective on modern marketing and communications techniques, with proven results to back it up. Their Internet-oriented services are affordable, with prices posted right on the website ( so you won’t be surprised. More importantly, their reach extends well beyond the West Coast – whether you or your market can be found in Boston or Buenos Aires, Boise or Bermuda.

All you have to do is provide some basic information via e-mail or telephone, such as your website address, contact telephone and other pertinent data, answer a couple of simple questions about your enterprise, and within three days you will receive a draft 1-2 page customized press release on you, your company or product/service. Once you’ve reviewed the draft, your press release will be distributed to a dozen or more key news websites, where it will be viewed by millions over the Internet. This is an excellent way to improve your visibility and sales potential, launch new products or services, announce changes and communicate just about anything else of interest to your customers.

Chaska Public Relations also offers follow-up marketing and PR services to increase traffic through your door or website. The firm’s founder is a professional journalist with credits in (or full-time work with) dozens of newspapers and magazines. His experience includes large software and Internet companies such as Broderbund, The Learning Company, LucasArts and Autodesk, lending him a unique perspective on an array of writing and marketing methodology both new and old.

“Maybe buying display advertising or spots on the local cable channel works for some people, but for small businesses on a slim budget this just isn’t a practical approach because it’s too expensive for a limited return,” said Chad Sellmer, founder of Chaska Public Relations, which serves a number of small enterprises all across the United States. “Print media can be an effective advertising vehicle, but for a nice, full-color display advertisement you’re looking at spending $ 400 minimum to run it once in your local newspaper. With us, you can spend $ 275 and almost overnight have millions of potential customers reading your high-quality commercial copy and even looking at your pictures. I’m surprised people still runs ads in small newspapers given the instant, vast reach of the Internet.

“I started a public relations firm that would appeal directly for small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs, people like me who don’t want to waste a lot of money on ads that mostly don’t work,” Sellmer added. “Distributing press releases over the Internet and backing this up with other PR services has the ability to blow other types of advertising out of the water. I mean, 50 million viewers? How much would an ad with that kind of reach cost you? We keep it affordable because we know who our customers are and we try to go above and beyond what’s expected of us in order to reward that loyalty.”

You will get more for less with a well-planned public relations campaign. Call today – 530-234-1183 – or visit on the web and let Chaska PR connect you with your customers.

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