Chatbot 2 Outsmarted – THe final staw – How stupid can you get? – Part 1 of 2

Me owning the dignity out of chatbot it will be the second to last video i make with chatbot for a long time so sit back click on full screen get ur snacks and enjoy! sub – comment – rate – personal message – add as friend 😀 – THybeggguy productions
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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19 Responses to Chatbot 2 Outsmarted – THe final staw – How stupid can you get? – Part 1 of 2

  1. GreyFangX says:

    and yes she is smart.

  2. GreyFangX says:

    One of the best chatbots I have ever seen. They have some good ones on android some even use voice.

  3. GreyFangX says:


  4. thybeggguy says:

    chatbot 2 its a game on mousebreaker

  5. NurinaCute123 says:

    whats the name off this chatbot game?

  6. Ryan99G says:

    I’m just gonna say this. She’s cute.

  7. DragonSor64 says:

    Lol runescape tags

  8. kawaiigirl565851 says:

    If you want to “reset” her (From the first time you were on the webpage) clear your browser’s cookies.

  9. kawaiigirl565851 says:

    That’s not a secret.

  10. DinoMeow says:

    search the new Mitsuku Chat bot 2! and they have a countdown until 21 of december 2012…ask her what its for and how they will erase human virus… us? hmmmm

  11. RawrMeansiLoveYou99 says:

    LOL I Got on that once! Damn she’s smart. i got three strikes. By Saying “FUCK YOU IDIOT!” but now we’re friends 😀 LOL!

  12. Nightcoreanimegirl says:

    lol your right haha

  13. ac4pic says:

    Me: you are stupid Chat box: NO. you are very stupid Me: Are you a lier Chat box: NO i am not a lier. me: hi Chat box: hello me: Am i stupid Chat box: you are very intelligent

  14. shreekoo says:

    Type ‘scare me’ and get ready to crap yer pants, folks!!

  15. curly tops says:

    i killd her

  16. DestroyerJamie says:

    I asked her if she knew somebody who got raped and she said”How does it feel, I want to try being raped” then I sweared to her 5 times and got banned and didn’t care because she got raped hard in the brain

  17. Hyperlinex says:

    type in ‘what is my operating system’ and she will tell you everything she know about you instead of your OS

  18. dragonfable1090 says:

    Wooow!!! i found a secret! Type “Do you play video games?”

  19. Kevin Melk says:

    Yes,Yes I was.

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