Chatbot tutorial part 1

This is part one of my video tutorial: How to make a chatbot with the free program, Microsoft Visual C# 2008 express edition. This tutorial will contain, how…

11 thoughts on “Chatbot tutorial part 1

  1. no, instead you search for it and comment useless stuff which noone will ever gain anything from. wuaw, you are so smart, i’d wish i was as cool as you

  2. ho sorry the script dosent work for me is whot i ment sorry I have Trobel Describing thing in text lol thanks iny way i kind of got over the Ai thing tho thanks

  3. Did you see part 2? It’s quite some time ago I posted this, so I’ve forgotton most of it, but I can remember, that if you don’t write a specific line at the very bottom, then the program will close, as soon as you open it

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