WowWee® CHATTERBOTS are fantastically fun animated computer accessories to have on your desktop. These collectable, highly stylized character figurines always have something to say about what you are up to — and it’s not always appropriate! Each CHATTERBOT™ features a unique personality and a signature animation. Connect directly to your Mac or PC using the included USB cable, then listen and watch as your CHATTERBOT entertains you with its unpredictable stream of jokes, dialog, and comments about your virtual life. Type in key words and trigger hilarious routines that will entertain you and your coworkers, or use the on-screen interface to launch hilarious facts and quips on demand. It can even comment on upcoming calendar events and reminders. In addition to all the comic commentary, you can use your CHATTERBOT as a standalone speaker. CHATTERBOTS — like having your inside voice on the outside!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to CHATTERBOTS Features

  1. yoyoairsoft1411564 says:

    i got mine for 7

  2. ce45367 says:

    ็How much is the chatterbot

  3. ce45367 says:

    I want to buy them.

  4. Bob Brians says:

    Wowee chatterbots The interactive little buddy that DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 7 64BIT. The software for these things will not work with a Win 7 computer.

  5. Jorge Antonio Gutiérrez Martínez says:

    hahaha XD is fine

  6. BrainFreezeism says:

    I wanna look up porn and see what they say!

  7. karius85 says:

    This looks like crap…

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