Chávez Jr vs Martínez – Official Spot

More info: Fresh off a sensational seventh-round TKO victory over the rugged Irishman Andy Lee, middleweight champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. turns his attention to consensus Top 3 pound-for-pound fighter Sergio Martinez. Both men have cut a wide swath through the division and will now face each other in one of the most anticipated, significant fights of the year on HBO Pay-Per-View.

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14 Responses to Chávez Jr vs Martínez – Official Spot

  1. Hoshi- Nyann says:

    @pulunpagold Not anymore

  2. parracatau says:

    Not at all maybe chicanos but mexicans are going for chavez. No somos malinchistas, todo mexico con chavez

  3. LIKWITCREW1 says:

    Mexicans are also going for Martinez,,,,

  4. kurt23407 says:

    junior has no chance. Sergio is to complicated for him.

  5. revolversand says:

    im agree but im watchin canelo too, i love boxing, screw you

  6. gerem82xx says:

    chavez is an overweight steroid taking bum lets hope martinez ko that bitch

  7. gerem82xx says:

    alvarez is not ready for martinez yet

  8. tekodandy says:


  9. brocklanders1984 says:

    Chavez j(uice)r

  10. tekodandy says:

    Maravilla Wins

  11. pulunpagold says:

    Chavez is a chubster.

  12. frld90 says:

    vamos sergiooo vamos argentina. vas a ganar sergio porque sos una maravilla 

  13. dannycapone24 says:

    Martinez will win against CHavez jr but will loose to Canelo down the road.

  14. nahuel2912 says:

    canelo y chavez jr corrieron como nunca para NO enfrentar a maravilla. desprestigian el box mexicano. chavez está pesando mucho más de lo que debería y se valdrá de drogas y diuréticos para dar el debido peso, no te va a alcanzar mexicanito, antes del 10º vas a dormir…

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