Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody )

Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody )

DJ Southanbred, Emmanuel Hudson, & Andre Columbus have teamed up to bring you the lowdown on cheating for tests! Just in time for exams!!! Ratchet Girl Anthem – The Single Now Avaliable on iTunes – For Booking Contact Management 404-804-5579 – Bobby Patterson | | Subscribe: Archive Ent’s Twitter Emmanuel & Phillip’s Twitter Emmanuel Hudson’s Twitter DJ Southanbred’s Twitter Andre Columbus’ Twitter Phillip Hudson’s Twitter Reverbnation Facebook Google + Tumblr Fan mail –

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18 Responses to Cheat Song ! ( Whisper Song Parody )

  1. Soccercrazyfan1 says:

    I just wanna throw a dictionary at your face -_-

  2. Amanda Daley says:

    lol its just makes me laugh all the time

  3. rachel bass says:

    IKR ME 2 LOL!!

  4. Amanda Daley says:

    My favorite part was when Emmanuel said “Ya bette hope ya answers right Cause if I fail than you the reason I’m telling on everybody in here That was cheating” :”) haha like anyone

  5. MsAsiahBaby says:

    Is thst Emmanuel Hudson??

  6. markwells701 says:

    let me c yo test LMAOF LOL

  7. MultiShaela says:

    This video is so cool i am gonna try this in class with my buds

  8. jayhypebell says:

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  9. Riaz Ahmed says:

    Man this is so true

  10. Savannah Thompson says:

    this is fresh lol

  11. Yung Mo says:

    The beat though 

  12. captincrunchman09 says:

    i was playing madden all night haha

  13. ryanmckee160 says:

    The last dude just looked so mad lolz I played madden all night sounds right

  14. ryanmckee160 says:

    The Christmas tree lolz nice lolz just nice

  15. SignalFire90 says:

    “50 question test, I’m only sure about 2″ LOLLLL sounds about right.

  16. MsRoksolana8 says:

    Lol supercool

  17. funnyfran1 says:

    that hello kitty shirt he got on ! xD #Beast

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