Chess Puzzles #1

Chess Puzzles #1

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  1. Nope. Because the white queen on f2 can be legally captured by the black pawn on g3, white has a back rank problem, and can’t win. Here is the continuation: Rxc7, gxf2, Nb6+, Kb8, Rd7?? (white does not have enough time to checkmate black), f1Q+, Rd1, Qxd1+, Rc1, Qxc1#. Black wins. That is why the white queen moves to a7 first to check the black king. I hope this helps.

  2. That dosn’t work as white can simply play Rxh6+!! delivering mate in 2. Keep in mind the pawn on g7 is pinned by the bishop to the king so it can’t move.

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