Chess Puzzles #1

Chess Puzzles #1

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Chess Puzzles #1

  1. paperpopper1290 says:

    aww…I got 4 of 5

  2. jubrieel ahkile says:

    a how much do thease puzzles improve your game?

  3. ElitAcilan says:

    2nd was the hardest to find by far. 1/5 for me it’s not bad :)

  4. Joao Lima says:

    Rxh6, Qxh6, Qxh6#

  5. danilpendikov says:

    4/5, the 4th one was the hardest

  6. drumcircler says:

    1 for 5, and proud of it!

  7. Nathanael Toms says:

    Nope. Because the white queen on f2 can be legally captured by the black pawn on g3, white has a back rank problem, and can’t win. Here is the continuation: Rxc7, gxf2, Nb6+, Kb8, Rd7?? (white does not have enough time to checkmate black), f1Q+, Rd1, Qxd1+, Rc1, Qxc1#. Black wins. That is why the white queen moves to a7 first to check the black king. I hope this helps.

  8. bnnma says:

    That dosn’t work as white can simply play Rxh6+!! delivering mate in 2. Keep in mind the pawn on g7 is pinned by the bishop to the king so it can’t move.

  9. Mike Penk says:

    White plays Rh6+ and there are only three legal moves all with the queen and after each one of them white delivers checkmate in one

  10. סטס זיידנברג says:

    me 2

  11. Dragomir Anachkov says:

    I’ve just solved all five puzzles. This chess puzzles series is great. Keep up the good work! =)

  12. ShockPointOh says:

    g pawn is pinned

  13. eohkelvin says:

    Rxh6, Qxh6, Qxh6++ (not sure on my notation)

  14. Biju Skariah says:


  15. Juju jujuria says:

    sorry, found the answer:)

  16. Juju jujuria says:

    for the third puzzle, couldn’t you just move the rook to c7? It’s checkmate on the next move

  17. Kryptops says:

    5/5. #4 was the most difficult for me. Great video. Thx Jerry

  18. Jeremy Bader says:

    I went 5/5! Tactics Trainer on has really helped my tactical vision. On to Chess Puzzles #2…

  19. adityacs007 says:

    in the 5th puzzle what if h6 after Ng5?

  20. beaprod says:

    got 3 of 5!

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