Chess Puzzles #10

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  1. Juju jujuria says:

    @4:50 the black queen would take e3 white still has the advantage though, but not check mate

  2. Nikolaj Jensen says:


  3. devourerofbabies says:


  4. mehdi karpov says:


  5. Yamui67sx says:


  6. Peter Gasper says:


  7. HannuMarijarvi says:

    1.5 / 5

  8. Johnny BamBam says:

    Didn’t see this videos. Thanks they are very entertaining!

  9. Nathanael Toms says:


  10. Charles Higgie says:

    In Position 2 it is mate in 4 from the starting position. If Kf7 2. Qxh7+ Kf6 3. Rxf8# or … Qg7 3. Qxg7#

  11. 20eNe24 says:

    I couldn’t solve the 3rd puzzle, because as soon as I saw it the “Bologan Sandwich” flashed in front of my eyes. 😀 Jerry you should make a video for that game. Also it’s a mate after Kf7 too, as White plays Qxh7, Kf6 Rxf8#.

  12. Reynaldo José Ramírez Suero says:

    awesome jerry 

  13. thegreatsolar says:

    You should definitely do more of those.

  14. BloodyJackOfDiamonds says:

    I got all of them, but was iffy on some of the side variations.

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