Chess Puzzles #11

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  1. You mean playing the same idea with the other rook with R(b)xb7 Nxb7 and now Rc7 threatening the same mate on c8 instead of a6? Simply because while a6 is out of rach from black’s pieces, c8 is simple to defend : Qg4 and there’s no more mate

  2. Got most of them right and was near on those i didn’t. Missed the counter sac in puzzle 2 (but I did see which reply was needed once I realized it was possible) and in puzzle 4 I went for the queen check first and missed the initial rook sac, but I realized what continuation you had in mind as soon as saw the rook move. Sneaky knights! Better late than never I guess… 🙂

  3. yeah, i tried taking with the wrong rook… I only wish there was an explanation of why that doesnt work… oh well, awesome vid as always.

  4. 3/5 on this and the next one… i think i got only 2/5 on chess puzzles # 10, always great puzzles by jerry along with very clear explanations… definitely my favorite chess related channel and probly in the top 3, maybe top 5 of all youtube channels… keep em comin jerry! LOVE IT!

  5. I solved the first 4 puzzles. The 5th one was really hard, but i didnt give up around 5 minutes ..i think i found second solutoin …Rook f4 with idea Rook f-f7 for threating mate. Black must sacrafice the queen and it is rook vs knight and bishop i think it is winning for white.

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