Chess Puzzles #13


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15 Responses to Chess Puzzles #13

  1. Nathanael Toms says:

    3/5. 2 and 3 were quite challenging.

  2. flatvurm says:

    Goose egg again.

  3. jerkasmo says:

    Got 4/5 right. Missed 4th.

  4. Rob Flynn says:

    Well… I got the opening/variation question right…

  5. Doppoganger says:

    I never get any of these puzzles.

  6. AggieWolverine says:

    I don’t see how Bg7 changes anything. Black puts the king on f8 after Qh7 no matter if Bg7 or Bxc3. The moves stay the same and the only difference is white still has a pawn on c3. g5, Bg7, Qh7+, Kf8, Qh8+, Bxh8, Rxh8+, Kg7, Rdh1, and black still can’t prevent R1h7#

  7. AggieWolverine says:

    Got 1, 3, and 5. Just couldn’t see the last move in 2 for some reason. Had the right idea in 4, but didn’t consider Qa7.

  8. Russell Mair says:

    Getting better. I got #1 easy – but 2 to 5 i was off by 1 move each time. #4 was the hardest. I needed to go through the full continuations of all the moves I saw like the QxA7+ in puzzle 3 and look at all the knight moves. But overall much better than the last video. Keep ’em coming.

  9. Macak Cira says:

    1/5 :D

  10. rafaelob says:

    so hard!!! what is the level of this exercises?

  11. ShadowDatsas says:

    Great great great! What I liked so much is how you told us how we could see the moves in the position. What would make us see the moves. Thanks!

  12. LiveGrenade7 says:

    2:43 Could you not take the b5 pawn with the knight, black retakes with queen, dark square bishop goes to a7 and thats checkmate as the bishop is linked with the a1 rook. Checkmate in 3.

  13. icanrule says:

    Although on puzzle no. 5 I got the same answer as you I wonder what would have happened if after white pawn push, black moves dark square bishop to g7. Would that be enough to cause white to change its plan of action? At that point if you put your queen on h7 for check, black will put it’s king on f8 and that would be kill that plan of attack.

  14. Sider1011 says:

    4/5! :)

  15. Fasapegala404 says:

    I got 3/5 and half of the bonus question. I said Sicilian Najdorf Variation

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