Chevron Stripe Nail Art for Girls’ Life Magazine

This design is very simple but gives off a really cool effect! Metallics and purples are really in for this fall, so I decided to combo the two along with another fashion favorite that’s in right now, chevron stripes! Enjoy and please subscribe! PS I had a lot of fun doing this design requested by Girls’ Life Magazine! They are super rad, go check them out! — *TIP* For better detailing, try sharpening your toothpick slightly so that it’s very pointed. This always helps me! Products used Wet n’ Wild – Base/Top Coat Sally Girl – Metallic Grey Light Purple Acrylic Paint Tools used: Toothpick *Shop: *Twitter *Facebook: *Tumblr: Royalty Free Music By Disclaimer All the products used in this video have been bought and paid for by me. I am in no way paid to use these products.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “Chevron Stripe Nail Art for Girls’ Life Magazine

  1. Nail videos are very visual so you dont really need a lot of explaining, but, I do a voiceover now on my videos 🙂 I’m not sure if this comment is good or bad, haha, but I’ll say thank you anyway!

  2. This makes me miss cutepolish. She at least explains how to do everything, different alternatives and hers looks professional. Love a lot of your designs though pixiepolish! 🙂 so creative.

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  4. Whenever I try using a toothpick to do small details, it either doesn’t pick up the color, or won’t really work with my nail.. is it because I’m using nail polish and not paint?

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