Chicago SEO Company Removes Monthly Charges for SEO Services

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) November 06, 2013

Search engine marketing has been a way for most companies to use for competing with local and national companies in niche industries online. The EZ ranker company is a Chicago SEO company and has now removed the standard monthly charge for all marketing programs offered online at

The removal of the standard fees is a new concept that has helped this company to introduce its new pricing model based exclusively on results.

No fees are charged to any client during the opening of a campaign or initial launch if expected placements are not received, according to a new post online by the EZ Ranker company. This results formula is expected to make SEO more affordable to Illinois companies or other companies in the surrounding area.

“Small companies can easily spend $ 3000 a month with an average SEO company that does not guarantee any placement results for services rendered,” a source from the company said.

The elimination of all SEO fees and switch made to the results model for marketing online is now helping small companies to compete online. Most companies are required to provide a deposit in advance of any results when some search engine optimization companies are used.

The zero upfront or monthly costs that are now provided if placement services are not effective is expected to create a win-win scenario for companies. The website now includes a simple signup form that includes a completely free review of an existing website and marketing campaign prior to approval for the new results based marketing services.

“We’ve added the changes to our business model to help guarantee our work in marketing industry and to keep marketing services affordable for small companies that depend on online revenue,” the source included.

The removal of all fees by the EZ Ranker company is one of the latest improvements expected to boost the company marketshare in 2013. New services and programs are now in development that are scheduled for launch through the 2014 year online.


The company currently has offices in multiple parts of the United States to help support businesses in all industries for online marketing campaigns. This company provides all of its SEO solutions to assist with search engine placement, video marketing and PPC campaigns to large and small businesses. The company website provides overviews of all services and a simple review system to help businesses determine if the company result based services are the right fit for online marketing campaigns. A toll-free number is now established for instant contact offline.

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