Child pornography accused entitled to reapply for bail

Child pornography accused entitled to reapply for bail
The charges relate to images on over 100 “anonymous websites” described as being extremely violent, graphic and depicting the rape and torture of pre-pubescent children. The websites have “thousands of members” who have posted “millions of images” of …
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Israeli websites losing out to Google and Facebook
Local Internet ad market growing by NIS 100 million a year, but 'all of it going to foreigners,' says consultant. By Nati … Israel's top 10 websites have lost much of their value in recent years, mainly from losing their main source of revenue …
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Nepal Views: Beijing's power transfer and future outlook
Approving the annual budget is among the key tasks of the NPC session, which this year will see new leaders placed into top government posts after their elevation at the 18th CPC National Congress. Among those expected to be appointed include the …

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