CHILL OUT BRO (Trials Evolution)

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15 Responses to CHILL OUT BRO (Trials Evolution)

  1. llumys says:

    Do you think people will want to check you out if you come off as pathetic and desperate? Have some confidence and maybe try advertising elsewhere if you’re that dedicated to chasing a dream that will most likely never come true if you’re not particularly charismatic or talented, and very lucky.

  2. JBird4Life5 says:


  3. CheedarTrees says:

    No. o3o

  4. tB Edge says:

    Hey guys come check out my channel

  5. Jay Budd says:

    “No! I was da-da-doing!”

  6. Thegamerxperts101 says:

    Why does nanners always wears the same shirt?

  7. ThatCanadianGamer374 says:

    they should do something with this game that would allow Xbox 360 players to race PC players.

  8. Jared Owens says:

    I’ll check it out because I’ve never see someone advertise like that.

  9. FoolishLameGaming says:

    Please checkout my channel and subscribe, I would appreciate it!

  10. Matt Lee says:

    does nanners ever lose or does he just not upload those

  11. 2143anthony says:

    someone said somewhere to go to youtube/html5 and disable html5 with the button

  12. chodie mcweinerballs says:

    How do you play on these maps vs other people? These arnt an option for me when i go to multiplayer for on trials evolution

  13. Johnson Bui says:

    Google Chrome?

  14. Alexander Buzzell says:

    do moarrrrr 

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