China Blog #9 : The TV Show

I went on a Chinese TV show about a month ago, here is some footage from that experience. Me on twitter: my other youtube channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to China Blog #9 : The TV Show

  1. eriktillkvist says:

    Nice . i live in Xiamen. Also have started a blog, but in Swedish. .when i watched this i realized this kind of things happend to me too.. because im laowai and tall … we are like monkeys at zoo for the chinese. / wright?

  2. Sky300 says:

    hahaha looks great

  3. crematophor says:

    You look like my friend Jay.

  4. wikct2 says:

    That’s so much fun. He did a good job too whatever he did. He was so cute in the big jumpsuit….Go kid. I think cultural exchange between countries regardless east or west is a good thing. In stead always whining about other countries, we all should get together and have fun. This world would be a much better place to all of us.

  5. judopoppy says:

    where in the u.k. r u from ?

  6. alan mcknockiter says:

    great video cant wait till i go

  7. Devotchka24 says:

    “this is sooo much fuun” gotta love him

  8. hippogriffs95 says:

    That was good fun! Pleeease record footage and stuff in Japan, that would be really interesting to see :)

  9. audw says:

    O: you have an i <3 tshirt

  10. darvin1023 says:

    well done jazza!

  11. soundslikesabrina says:

    THAT IS SO COOL. I want to be Jazza in China! Or in the UK where people call you “darling.” :)

  12. freeasabee says:

    I miss youuuuuuu!!! I want the fat suit, and Lorenzo has talent. Not that you don’t but…yeah. EXCITING!!!! <3

  13. vulcanbirdbrain says:

    ahahhaaaa! this was so much fun to watch 😀 weird game shows for the WIN!

  14. Doug A says:

    yo, twitter link in sidebar broken 😉

  15. David Boling says:

    That was so much fun to watch!

  16. 10CPhil says:

    Brilliant! Really enjoying your China updates & will be going back over your other vids in the next few days :0) Looking forward to seeing your HK vids (lived there for a while back in the early 90s) & really good news about Japan – you’ll love it!

  17. awesomefrog1 says:

    can you not penetrate me with your finger please? hahahah best part

  18. maggielovesdrwho says:

    thats brilliant!

  19. culbrethcow says:

    your camera was kinda dirty… but i love you anyway.

  20. Lightscameraashlee says:

    fat suit = total win and you’re going to Japan! lucky :(:(

  21. Hatti Rex says:

    You in the fat suit is the best thing

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