China Wholesale Store Mixmelot Launches Multi-Brand China Android Phones

(PRWEB) May 22, 2013

Mixmelot is obviously taking the lead in the Chinese economy as it just launched the best of Android phones that have gained a considerable level of popularity among consumers. Now, many people can get a mobile phone that is not only cheap, but also classic and stylish in nature. This major need is being fulfilled through the efforts of this China wholesale company.

Of course, the Google OS referred to as Android is being utilized in many mobile phones today, owing to the fact that it comes with a user-friendly interface and its functionality and features are quite excellent. It’s no wonder why many people fall in love with phones that have this OS.

After having studied the market, Mixmelot has successfully introduced classic brands of Android phones to consumers who are looking for the best and who want to spend less and still get high-quality offers. “We know what is good for our customers and we beat out competitors in the Android offers we have as they come cheaply from our manufacturing partners,” said the Marketing Manager. He went further to stress the fact that their products are not sub-standard as some competitors claimed. According to him, the company is poised as an epitome of high quality and affordability – these are two values that customers get from the China wholesale shop.

Mixmelot is a leading China shop with a proven track record in the e-commerce industry. For a long time, the company has served several consumers, including retailers. Recently, the Management showcased their new set of Android gadgets as a giant stride on the market as it prides itself in brands like Lenovo, Huawei, Jiayu, THL, ZOPO.

Based on users’ experiences, these Android mobile phones have been found to offer a great deal of satisfaction, and there is more demand for them on the market. The CEO argued that “no other kind of devices can really outdo what we offer – we know that they have been designed to meet all the expected needs of users, starting from web presence to media entertainment and as many things imaginable in a 21st century cell device.”

As a matter of fact, Mixmelot is fast becoming a major China wholesale icon to reckon with in the Android market. For more info on these multi-brand Android phones, visit

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