Chinese Man Sues Baidu Over "Gay Conversion" Ad In SERP

Chinese Man Sues Baidu Over "Gay Conversion" Ad In SERP
A gay Chinese man sued search engine Baidu in Bejing for allowing an undisclosed ad for an allegedly unlicensed psychological counseling center to appear at the top of search results. He underwent “gay conversion” therapy and was traumatized by the …
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BBB: Tracking is Tracking, You Scallywags | Bing Revs Ad Editor | Google SERP
The Better Business Bureau is complaining about all the new ad technology claims pointing out that there is personal identification beyond cookies. It's not that the claims are false, but rather that they fear people will not abide their Accountability …
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Strength and health: promising SERPs
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans are amazing benefit plans. In a time when the age-old notion of a pension is becoming increasingly rare, SERPs have become the go-to benefit plans for highly compensated executives. SERPs are non-qualified …
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