Chocolate Rain / Radiohead Mashup

Chocolate Rain mixed with Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host” mixed and edited by Jay Smooth of Original by the great Tay Zonday, of course
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Chocolate Rain / Radiohead Mashup

  1. vicboechat says:

    delicious. i rolf

  2. tartaringus says:


  3. mattmatt2k says:

    This is the best song ever

  4. IamSE7EN says:

    If people actually paid more attention to lyrics, songs like this wouldn’t be put down so much. The words are powerful… dude’s look and delivery are definitely… uh… weird, but the message is incredibly powerful.

  5. ThomasFisher12 says:

    Yeah but talk show hosts vocals wouldn’t have worked with chocolate rain’s music.

  6. superwiicrazy says:

    no. talk show host had amazing vocals.

  7. ThomasFisher12 says:

    Better than either original – Tay did awesome vocals but the music was a little too fast paced for the epicness of the song. Radiohead had amazing instrumental stuff going on, but talk show host never had the best vocals of their stuff. Fit together perfectly, become something greater than either of them on their own.

  8. jeffry monsalud says:

    i move away from the mic to check for cops

  9. Conrad Stevens says:

    this song is actually rely good! “chocolate rain made me change my house insurance rate” words of wisdom!

  10. dava4444 says:

    I think .. :-/’s a reference to black on black violence, with the ‘chocolate rain’ being bullets.. but that’s a total guess.

  11. lethaldos3 says:

    Radiohead makes anything bearable…

  12. Danny D says:

    sometimes mashups are scary

  13. elliedrama46 says:

    Why are there video clips of the black panthers….?

  14. elliedrama46 says:


  15. Songspoint says:


  16. Veezyjung says:

    Oh god, download link NOW.

  17. Veezyjung says:

    Good gravy, this is incredible.

  18. Alysha Bellyk says:

    Justin Biebers Jealous… 

  19. MischeviousGoose says:

    You mean don’t ruin Chocolate Rain -___-

  20. Jonok911l says:

    he didn’t man. its just for fun! plus – it sounds awesome!

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