Chocolate Rain / Radiohead Mashup

Chocolate Rain mixed with Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host” mixed and edited by Jay Smooth of www.illdoctrine.com Original by the great Tay Zonday, of course www.tayzonday.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Chocolate Rain / Radiohead Mashup

  1. If people actually paid more attention to lyrics, songs like this wouldn’t be put down so much. The words are powerful… dude’s look and delivery are definitely… uh… weird, but the message is incredibly powerful.

  2. Better than either original – Tay did awesome vocals but the music was a little too fast paced for the epicness of the song. Radiohead had amazing instrumental stuff going on, but talk show host never had the best vocals of their stuff. Fit together perfectly, become something greater than either of them on their own.

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