Chris Sharma Multimedia Profile

Adapted from the film King Lines, this clip features Chris Sharma through the lenses of photographer Corey Rich and filmmakers Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer. King Lines is now available on DVD at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to Chris Sharma Multimedia Profile

  1. guppish says:

    whats the climb at 0:32

  2. rx127guy says:

    I want to be this good so bad.

  3. H11295119 says:

    Ya, I know. Bad on me. He must have it rough though. Living in California, climbing all day, developing shoes… just gotta be hard on a man.

  4. lovehorrormovies10 says:

    You dare say that ?

  5. liamliam123456 says:

    Become really good and get sponsorships

  6. TheNawshit says:

    Chris sharma kinda looked like justin bieber when he was young:) just saw the king lines movie where they showed a picture of him as a teen. He is way cooler than bieber though

  7. drummerdude7318 says:

    How would someone get to be able to do this for a living? as in get paid for it??

  8. H11295119 says:

    What a horrible life. :)

  9. pacifiedfools says:


  10. duvalabas says:

    21 people will never see the summit…

  11. Enaresbclimber says:

    There is no one who is as entertaining to watch climbing as Chris. I just did a write up about him and the young guns who are sending hard. It is called ‘Game Changers in the Shadows of Sharma’. You can find it if you google it.

  12. goolONLINE says:

    BEAST !!!!!

  13. 601123002 says:

    i wish i could do this

  14. metinnhoo says:

    2:23 even he can scream dx

  15. lifeng says:

    The Buttermilks (1:30)

  16. ekelsey4 says:

    anyone know what problem / place he is at for 1:30 ish?

  17. ManoAdventure says:

    The fall after 0:38 is killing me, lol! I think there was a medieval weapon named after him…

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