Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys

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25 Responses to Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys

  1. victormdstito says:

    Nossa, conseguiram melhor uma musica q ja era boa, agora ta perfeita.

  2. Brendan Bourque says:

    i started taking cello lessons after this!!!

  3. Chloe Ven says:

    Your so awesome :-) 

  4. Chloe Ven says:

    Every was beautiful, I really love hearing this video, it makes me calm and relax great job guys :-)

  5. Steve From Minecraft says:

    hey, gingers are cool.

  6. Rosy Gutierrez says:

    Luv this song u guys r awesome

  7. Wade Garcia says:

    love your guy’s music my mom plans on having me play this at her weding… go cello!!!

  8. Angela Mayfield says:

    Music is so relaxing to hear!

  9. karla maldonado says:

    noooo! enserio ahora si me puedo morir agusto despues de ver y escuchar eso *-* Dios estoy lista para morir cuando tu quieras *—*

  10. LillJessieLuv says:

    Did anyone else admire the scenery and music so much you forgot to wonder how the got that big ass piano in the middle of the woods?

  11. TheSe7enG1974 says:

    So.. You spraypainted your hair.. And you choose GINGER?

  12. David XAVIER says:

    To these two mad professors. We adore you both.

  13. lethicia178 says:

    adorei!!! muito lindo”!!!!

  14. CVR190 says:

    More songs please THESE ARE AWSOME!

  15. MegaAlex1240 says:

    Bravo….!!!!!!!! Bravo…..!!!!!!

  16. dragonson04 says:

    He wrote Hunchback of Norte Dame. It doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy music.

  17. tfcpwincezz says:

    This was just utter perfection. No instrument overpowered one another, it was just the perfect harmonic balance.. True Beauty in Music. I love it so much!

  18. Anryta Deass says:

    you make my days

  19. Zenp zen says:

    Lindo!!! Belo!!!

  20. chalalala20 says:

    one question; how did you put the grand piano there?

  21. inezbartosinska says:

    Wow. Amazing! :)

  22. Zoe Hartmann says:

    Whoa! This is SO good! I can’t stop listening to it. Personally, I think it’s better without voice. It’s beautiful!

  23. Pablo Garcia says:

    Precioso decorado natural y hermosa y relajante música instrumental…Felicidades

  24. Oukits says:

    stále najkrajšia :) aj keď najsmutnejšia..

  25. fatin syaza says:

    so beautiful…love it so much

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