Christine Peterson – Nanotechnology

Christine Peterson - Nanotechnology

Christine Peterson writes, lectures, and briefs the media on coming powerful technologies, especially nanotechnology and life extension. She is Co-Founder an…

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5 Responses to Christine Peterson – Nanotechnology

  1. cr4yv3n says:

    Needs more views, a LOT more views.

  2. Adam Ford says:

    It is hard to say what we won’t be able to do with extremely advanced nanotechnology. Though in the mean time Eric Drexler is coming out with a new book later this year. Read that.

  3. Mider999 says:

    Bascailly they say that we will be able to also rebuild our bodies as well. Maybe thats not nanotech. But who knows. I dont know if thats going to happen within my life time though.

  4. Mider999 says:

    WHat do you think about some of things that Ray Kurzwell or Michio Kaku says about Nanotechnology? Stuff like turning glass into wood. Making us into super humans, regrowing limbs, running miles and not losing your breath, curing all disease, stuff like that.

  5. oker59 says:

    I take this video as a warning more than anything new technical wise.

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