Chrome OS Guided Tour

A guided tour of Chrome OS. For more information, visit
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14 Responses to Chrome OS Guided Tour

  1. Cristian Otegui says:

    Espero que cuando lleguen a Argentina sean una opción económica.

  2. 1shotbam says:

    chrome os is fcked up

  3. poromise says:

    no, cooperation would be good but it doesn’t work in a market economy. competition is just wasteful and destructive and not nearly as efficient as cooperation.

  4. Carol Naranjo says:

    good starting… but I need more. Keep going on!

  5. tanduykho says:

    Toi rat hai long voi you google

  6. Groud Frank says:

    I love you Google and this all looks nice BUT I use my computer for much more than browsing. Chrome OS is sexy but it limits me too much. I can see my mom being satisfied with this but not someone with who have serious IT needs.

  7. IChaptezI says:

    You can also download Spotify for example? So as not app ..

  8. MrVessyr says:

    Google reminds me of Apple now.

  9. Murat ENGİN says:

    it seems like android 4.x but is ti diffrent than droid? İs it stable?

  10. Мамин Парень says:


  11. ZZGamingMadnessZZ says:


  12. ZZGamingMadnessZZ says:

    its not that good you can only do what you can do on chrome web browser i know because i have one

  13. mjvijay says:

    yes i mean it, this is really fantastic. Listen, i really didn’t expect that this site would send me a check of $240 for doing some surveys. i found it here:

  14. MsSongoftheweek says:

    very basic right now. im interested to see what they’ll do in time. for now im sticking with windows 8 though.

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