Chumbawamba – On Ebay

Chumbawamba - On Ebay

This is the music video for Chumbawamba’s “On Ebay” from 2004’s “Un”. The video was created by and is available from the website

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23 Responses to Chumbawamba – On Ebay

  1. MrCrusher24 says:

    But they did….

  2. piavargas says:

    great song but very bad end -_-

  3. woahohahoha says:


  4. SirEsraphon1213 says:

    WHAT?WHY??? D:

  5. woahohahoha says:

    I cant believe that these guys are breaking up :(

  6. llothar68 says:

    Yes a shame. But it’s 30 years now. I can understand that you have to take a time out. I’m sure buying tickets for their reunion concert on E-Bay

  7. giannaras2010 says:

    can i ask something? if i sell something from the ebay did i need to inform the tax office about my income?

  8. download543f says:

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  9. Agnieszka Siatkowska says:

    i love it :) very much :)

  10. Adalid Cardenas says:

    “There’s stuff u find along the way, And stuff u leave behind”

  11. asdfqwerzxcv6 says:

    R.I.P Chumbawamba – we will miss you all (but we hope you keep making music individually!)

  12. MencaCZ says:

    It is fucking amazing song !!! 

  13. ebayscams says:

    Sell stealth on ebay look up ebayisajoke

  14. MisterJimTheBloke says:

    Because Chumbawamba don’t give a shit about popularity, they actually care about their music and the messages they send unlike Justin Who-Gives-A-Shit. Both will be forgotten in a year or so but Chumbawamba have been going since 1984, popularity or no popularity.

  15. LEADERxxOFxxZOMBIES says:

    Sad soO Saaad ='( I feel like am walking with my great brother in a long way with a childhood happiness .. What an amazing sad awesome song ='(

  16. itscrazytrevor says:

    Nice simple & to the point well done! “I just bought the stuff behind my eyes on Ebay” It turned out to be a no brainer!

  17. 80srockzz says:

    Very much alike indeed, also 19 right now and things had changed pretty hard 😉

  18. oOy2k says:

    same here lol i used to listen to this song on the radio when i was like 13 years old, but suddenly everything changed so hard im actually 19

  19. jmetal88 says:

    Awesome! I’ve been hoping you’d post a higher-quality version!

  20. finctank says:

    Hi, I am finc of finctank and I made this video - I’ve just posted a high quality version on my channel. Hope you like it!

  21. dirtykittymew13 says:

    i hate the ending of this video D:

  22. harisbaki says:

    I don’t know why Justin (both Timberlake and the other little brat) sells millions while Chumbawamba is regarded as an “alternative” and not understood by massess…This is a great song worth all of their output in combination.

  23. diegoveru says:

    The same happened to me :S haha

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