Chumbawamba – On Ebay

Chumbawamba - On Ebay

This is the music video for Chumbawamba’s “On Ebay” from 2004’s “Un”. The video was created by and is available from the website

23 thoughts on “Chumbawamba – On Ebay

  1. Because Chumbawamba don’t give a shit about popularity, they actually care about their music and the messages they send unlike Justin Who-Gives-A-Shit. Both will be forgotten in a year or so but Chumbawamba have been going since 1984, popularity or no popularity.

  2. I don’t know why Justin (both Timberlake and the other little brat) sells millions while Chumbawamba is regarded as an “alternative” and not understood by massess…This is a great song worth all of their output in combination.

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