Cinch Polls Unveils Categories, Creating Communities Within its Rapidly Growing Member Base

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

Cinch Polls, a one-tap voting app, today announced the launch of Categories, a new feature that will allow its members to find the specific group of polls they want to see. From Art & Design to Fashion to Food, the new feature includes 14 Categories of sub-communities within Cinchs larger community. The update includes a Trending section for polls that receive rapid interest from voters.

This has been the number one ask from our members, and Im excited that we can finally offer it to them, says Nathan Sharp, CEO. Cinch Polls is all about sharing your experiences, questions, and ideas with people who care – but not everyone cares about the same things. Now, you can connect with the polls and opinions of like-minded people, whether youre a fashion enthusiast or a sports fanatic.

Early Cinch Polls members primarily used screenshots to decide what to buy, what to wear, and how to decorate. Recently, however, a whole new set of members are asking questions using their own photos to share an experience and see what the world thinks – going beyond simple decision-making. The volume and variation of the new polls required an easier way for members to find the group that they want to help. The updated features are good for members, but theyre also good for brands, who are using Cinch as a way to find and interact with a relevant group of potential customers with fun and interesting questions – something that other social media doesnt readily allow.

Cinch Polls offers an easy and effective way to engage with and gather feedback from my readers. It allows me to poll them quickly on everything from their favorite outfit post to which beauty product I should review next, said Kristin Bassett, CoFounder of the blog With Cinch, I’m able to bring my readers even further into the editorial process, which is fun for them and a huge benefit to me in a time where (relevant) content is king.

Cinch is an iOS app, but users without iPhones can vote from their browsers when they are sent the link to a poll. This means members can send polls via text, email, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. For more information on Cinch Polls, visit:

About Cinch Polls

Cinch Polls is a one-tap voting app for the iPhone that’s all about finding the perfect look with other design-minded people. For fashion, design, food, or just plain fun, Cinch is a community of people that turn to each other for inspiration and encouragement in matters of style and taste. With backing from a group of investors including Google Ventures, Cinch is quickly replacing traditional survey tools as the best way to collect group responses. Its fun, its easy, and its always free.

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