Circus Ponies Upgrades the Mac Desktop with iTrash

SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2012

Circus Ponies Software, Inc. today announced iTrash, a new app that puts an end to one of the Macs most-annoying problemsits constantly shifting trash canwith a desktop trash can that you can put anywhere, and keep it there. iTrash puts you in control of your Mac’s trash with convenient commands for managing the trash. And iTrash also lets you personalize the trash can with over 20 different animated characters that speak or make sounds whenever you throw something away or empty the trash.

“Apple got so much right with OS X, but most people wish their trash can would not move around in the dock,” said Jayson Adams, Circus Poniess senior vice president of Technology. “iTrash gives Mac users control over their trash can and it lets them have fun with their desktop at the same time.”

Stop Chasing The Trash Can Around Your Screen

When objects are fixed on the screen, we develop “muscle memory” that lets us use them almost without thought (a great example is the Mac menu bar). The OS X trash can sits in the dock and shifts around as the dock grows and shrinks. This constant shifting forces users to search for the trash can on the screen and guide the mouse to it, each and every time they want to throw something away. With iTrashs stationary trash can, throwing files away becomes a quick gesture requiring little conscious effort.

iTrash Features

Place the trash anywhere on your desktop and keep it there
Float the trash above or below document windows
Set the trashs appearance from over 20 iTrash characters, including Robot, Black Hole, Valley Girl, Surfer, Zombie, Chimp, Mac Classic Trash Can, and Wizard, and more
Secure Empty to help prevent recovery of sensitive documents
Force Empty to override the Finder when it declares it wont empty the trash
Auto-Empty to automatically remove items that have been in the trash too long
Eject attached drives from a handy menu of mounted disks and .dmgs


With iTrash I dont have to hunt for the trash can when I need to throw something away. And it lets me customize my Macs desktop the way I want, not how someone else thinks it should look.

Pricing & Availability

iTrash is available now from the Circus Ponies Online Store ( ) for US$ 4.95. Additional product information is available at

About Circus Ponies

Circus Ponies Software was founded in 2003 to create best-of-breed applications that surprise and delight users with their beauty and usefulness. To that end, the company produces software exclusively for Mac OS X and iOS. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

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