Circus Social Makes the Singapore Navy Open House Experience More Organized, Efficient

Singapore (PRWEB) May 17, 2013

A yearly Naval tradition, the Open House attracts local and international fans of futuristic weaponry and military operations and puts them in the hot seat for the weekend, allowing them to man the guns and visit the bridges of various battleships. Collaborating partners Ogilvy Redworks and Circus Social joined forces and pitched a well-rounded proposal that included a content-driven social media campaign, creation of beautiful Navy Open House badges to give away to event visitors, and a pre-planned itinerary Facebook application where visitors can choose exactly which events theyd like to visit.

As explained on Circus Social’s blog (, the application lets fans choose what day and time they’d like to visit the Open House. Based on that selection, in addition to the time frame chosen by them which ranges from as little as two hours to the complete two days; coupled with their demographic choosing of going with family or friends – the application generates a truly customized itinerary plan for them.

The final selection of events to go to and items to see however is completely their choice alone. They can further customize the pre-generated recommendations to add or remove items of their choosing that they’d like to add to their itinerary. Circus Social’s application for the Singapore Navy then lets them download their itinerary in PDF format to print and carry with them to the event or gives them the option of sharing the itinerary with their friends and family via Facebook or e-mail. The final itinerary contains a map of all of the Action Spots so that in addition to knowing which events they’re going to, they know exactly where they are. Its a nifty little addition given that the Changi Naval Base is a vast and complicated area, which during the Open House will be bustling with proud Singaporeans.

Circus Social’s blog entry ( outlines how they went about to create the entire Facebook Application in a matter of just a week. Their app creation process has been outlined with the respective timelines, giving prospective future clients a clear indication of what to expect and when to expect it when working with them. The post is complete with an infographic outlining how they worked with their partners Ogilvy RedWorks to complete the app for the Navy.

In addition to creating Singapore Navys Open House Itinerary Planner, Circus Social has a rich clientele including Guinness, Dreyers, Milo, Cathay, the Singapore Red Cross, KFC, Nescafe and Unilever including many other international clients available on their showcase ( They have built Facebook applications for all these firms that span across various categories such as caption competitions, photo contests, product showcases and goal specific customized applications.

Prospective clients and interested parties can get in touch with Circus Social at

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